NewronSport Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce Newron Chassis

Newron Chassis is a product from NewronSport that has been designed to help athletes improve their performance. The funding requirement for this project is $50,000.


Quebec, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2016 --Eric Marcoux represents NewronSport, an organization that has recently come up with Newron Chassis. This new product can be used by the athletes to substitute the expensive ice time at a rink for free concrete or asphalt surfaces around the world. As a result, the workout experience for the Newron Chassis users will no longer remain limited by time constraints, but the individual player's endurance. This product will also be a lifesaver for the parents tired of taking their children to a rink to get those extra hours of ice.

NewronSport mentions that the Newron system must not be considered to be something similar to the traditional inline skating. This system is a perfect transition from ice to hard surfaces such as a driveway, the street, and the basketball or tennis court. Some of the important features of this product are:

- Aluminium chassis
- Highly resistant and light.
- Increases the users' speed and improves their stride
- Adapted to receive 90mm wheels.
- Compatible with boot sizes 37 to 46.
- Designed for speed skating.
- Increases speed and improves performance.
- Provides better wheel support on the surface.

The Université of Québec in Montréal has conducted a study that has established the fact that using the Newron training system replicates the exact stride and motion as ice skating. Therefore, it can be considered to be the ideal off-ice training system for those players looking to improve their skating.

Talking about this upcoming product, Eric Marcoux from NewronSport says, "The Newron inline technology offers similar executions as of a ice skate therefore eliminating all negative effects for the player and offers the same feeling of a ice skate, without the detrimental effect from switching from regular inline technology to ice skates."

Eric has recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $50,000 for this project. To find out more about this campaign, please visit

The website of NewronSport is

About Newron System
Developed for safety, the Newron System will allow users to cross over obstacles and imperfections on the road in a more secure way than other products on the market. This product has been developed by NewronSport.