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Next-Generation Adequant Ad Exchange Platform

Adequant Corporation released the next generation Adequant ad exchange.


San Mateo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2016 --Adequant Corporation, a programmable ad technology company today announces the release of its next-generation Adequant ad exchange platform.

"Our mission is to build a truly next generation ad exchange: one that is fast, slim, CPU efficient, and supports only what an ad exchange needs," said Yakov Kamen, CEO at Adequant Corporation. "The programmable ad market has matured significantly over the last 5 years. Publishers and advertisers can now access numerous data management and traffic quality verification solutions. We believe that an ad exchange, as a marketplace, does not need to replicate the functions of others but provide publishers and advertisers the lowest possible services cost, 100% transparency, and minimum usage requirements."

Adequant's state of the art technology platform supports display, video, mobile inventory and header bidding technology, and complies with OpenRTB standards. Adequant provides an intuitive, easy-to-use console for publishers and advertisers as well as an opportunity to make a seamless direct integration using OpenRTB API. Adequant supports brand safety protection and viewability control using patented semantic analytic technologies, as well as geo targeting, cookie matching, frequency cap control, bid by site and by category, device and browser targeting, white and black lists of sites and IP addresses, and many other functionalities.

Adequant targets small to medium sized publishers and advertisers with a compelling value proposition. For publishers, Adequant inventory requirements are minimal and publishers can sell premium inventory free of charge. For advertisers, Adequant's economics are also the best on the market. Advertisers only need to pay a minimal revenue share for premium inventory. Non premium inventory can be purchased free of charge.

Unique proprietary technologies and a scalable data center allows Adequant Corporation to run a profitable ad exchange at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions while maintaining all of the core functionalities required.

"Since its beta launch in January 2016, Adequant has signed more than 650 websites from dozens of publishers. We are adding new deals weekly and exceeding all milestones that we've previously set," said Alex Wilms, Director of Business Development at Adequant. "We believe that everyone should have a place at the ad exchange table and we built a marketplace that works the best for everyone".

About Adequant Corporation
Adequant Corporation is a startup programmable ad technology company located in San Mateo, California with sales office in New Jersey.

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