Next Generation Sleep Aid Mask - Nuvi - Launches Official Kickstarter Campaign


Taipei, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2016 --A Kickstarter campaign has just been announced for Nuvi, a smart sleep aid system created by the dedicated team of designers and developers of Auston Health. The funds raised will be used to finalize this innovative wellness product and bring it to market.

Nuvi addresses the sleep-related issues that are part of the fast-paced, modern lifestyle for many people. For those that suffer from insomnia, jet lag, or who want to improve their well-being through better quality sleep, this sleek, lightweight mask, paired with an intuitive app, offers an effective solution. Nuvi is also helpful for people who work long hours or late at night, such as designers and medical staff, and for whom achieving regular, restful sleep is a very real challenge.

The Nuvi mask is a Bluetooth-enabled adjustable sleep mask, layered with slim speakers and LED lights. It can easily fit over the user's eyes comfortably with large eye cavities and memory foam ear cushions, blocking out all light. The LED lights provide an optional blue light function to ease depression and improve mood. The speakers connect with the user's smartphone where the app plays the chosen audio therapy. The Nuvi app offers six smart sleep programs, including Light Energizer with light therapy to help boost energy and Jet Lag Adjust to encourage the body to adjust to a new time zone.

This intelligently designed sleep system works by making it easier for users to fall asleep and by enhancing deep sleep, which is known to be necessary for creativity, concentration, and a positive mindset. Getting adequate sleep is also essential for allowing the body to repair at the cellular level each night and for healthy immune function.

The developers, led by William Sung, a veteran of the IT industry and founder of Auston Health, created Nuvi to solve the sleep problems associated with frequent flying and the modern, hectic way of life. Determined to create a practical, effective sleep aid that could genuinely transform people's lives, while also being enjoyable to use, the team performed rigorous tests on EEG brainwaves using Neurosky Mindwave EEG Sensory technology. Having verified that Nuvi improves brain wave patterns and helps users relax and fall asleep, they are now excited to offer this wellness technology to market.

Right now, the Android trial version of the app is ready and has been posted on Google Play. The iOS is set to be completed by December. The Nuvi developers are offering exciting rewards to backers, including significant discounts on the complete Nuvi sleep system for early bird contributors. Rewards will be delivered in December after all certification, testing, and development is complete.

To learn more about this amazing smart sleep aid system or to donate to the campaign, visit Nuvi's Kickstarter campaign.

About Auston Health
Based in Taipei City, Taiwan, Auston Health is a new wellness tech company, formed to create cutting-edge sleep aids designed for modern living. The company was founded by William Sung, a Computer Engineering graduate of The University of Massachusetts, Lowell and a former VP of multiple IT businesses in Taiwan. Along with Ren-Jing Huang, a professor at the Department of Medical Imaging and Sleep Center at the Chung Shan Medical University in Taiwan and motivated developers, the team at Auston Health have a series of next generation sleep products to help people live more productive, satisfying lives. Nuvi is the latest product.