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Nexus United Announces Launch Offering Tax Professionals Tools That Can Help Independent Tax Office Compete Successfully with Large Tax Firms

For independent tax professionals, or tax professionals working in independent offices, finding a way to compete against large tax firms is often a top priority. Nexus United is a network of highly skilled tax professionals who offer tips, strategies, methods and tools that can be incredibly valuable in this area.


Delray Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2015 --It's broadly agreed, without the right resources it can be next to impossible for an independent tax professional to compete against the larger tax firms. Recently, a new network of tax professionals announced their launch. Nexus United, with a goal set of providing the information, strategies and tools needed to level the playing field and allow fellow tax professionals to compete successfully against their larger and better-funded competition.

"Our network contains enrolled agents, Certified Public Accountants, tax attorneys and veteran tax professionals dedicated to the success of its members," commented a spokesperson from Nexus United. "Our tools can not only help tax professionals compete with large tax firms, but also can be a great aid in bringing in new clients and additional revenue. What we're offering is a true win/win in all the best ways."

In recent years, a large number of independent tax professional have left the industry due to finding it hard to compete against larger tax firms. Industry experts believe more professionals will choose a different career unless they can receive the support need to survive. Nexus United are providing a service that gives independent tax professional a chance to compete and stand out by having the right tools and services behind them. Through their support, an independent tax professional can not only compete, but they can also increase their customer base and revenue.

Nexus United give their clients the chance to build a strong customer base. With the experience and support that Nexus United offers, an independent tax professional will no longer feel threatened by bigger organizations. The service that Nexus United offer include: Tax Prep and CRM software; Bank Products; Business Consulting; an Income Tax Preparation Training Program; and much more.

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At Nexus United, they work directly with their clients and provide powerful tools to help them compete successfully with local and national tax firms attracting new clients ultimately building the ideal tax company.

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