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Nick's Kitchen in Daly City Chosen to Cater YouTube Sensation "Astig Vegan" Nuptials Come July

Vegan community influencer, RG Enriquez links arms with new bay area favorite Nick’s Kitchen to cater summer wedding Filipino-style.


Daly City, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/12/2018 --It's true. Since their re-opening, the bay is a buzz with talk of Nick's Kitchen in Daly City for their popular homestyle vegan Filipino food. So, it makes perfect sense. Just months out of the gate, they would be chosen by YouTube hit, Richgail "RG" Enriquez - A.K.A. the Astig Vegan - to cater one of the biggest days of her life; her marriage to Chris Diez on July 29th. Enthusiastically, Nick's Kitchen will cater an all-vegan menu at the famed War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco immediately following the wedding of the happy couple.

Feeding nearly 200 guests for the big day with Filipino vegan food that tastes just like "lola" used to make, Nick's Kitchen will cater dishes that took up to six months to perfect. Smart vegan components have been curated by vegan chef and Nick's Kitchen co-owner, Reina Montenegro to give the exact texture and taste of the original recipes. Made to taste just like the real thing, Lumpia Shanghai with the same texture as ground pork, wrapped bite-sized, fried, and dipped in banana ketchup will make an appearance. Beef Tapa made with soy, Vegan Adobo, Pancit Miki Bihon, and Garlic Rice will delight the crowd as well. To round out the meal will be the Leche Flan made with agar and dairy-free milk and cream.

Kenny Annis, co-owner of Nick's Kitchen said of the event, "From a culinary standpoint, this truly is a match made in heaven. The vegan goddess' wedding of the year meets the queen vegan Filipino chef at Nick's! There's no better fit here. Myself and Reina are honored to be a part of what will be a fabulous day filled with incredible food. We give RG and Chris our very best wishes for a long and happy marriage."

Within months of changing their menu to all vegan dishes, Nick's Kitchen has enjoyed rave reviews on social media. Sridhar posts, "Excellent food. I mean really excellent food. Don't think vegan. Think, tastes like meat. And for purists, think tastes like veggies. There's an open mike night most of the time to make it fun. Great ambiance. They have a live jazz band for a lazy Sunday afternoon. What makes it even better is the ethical team that runs it. The community supports them, and I see why."

Another vegan fan named Maganda says, "This switch was a leap of faith by owners Reina and Kenny who are true believers in the health benefits of a plant-based diet. The food here is delicious and satisfying, the place is clean, and owners are awesome. Ate here three times this week and all I can say is that this resto is an absolute winner."

For more information visit Contact for a free tasting. Nick's Kitchen is not limited to Filipino food for event catering.

About Nick's Kitchen
In 2010 Nick's Kitchen was established in Daly City, California. Reina Montenegro and Kenny Annis purchased the restaurant in 2015 and switched to a vegan menu in 2017. The San Francisco area vegan restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with full-service or drop-off catering.

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Reina Montenegro and Kenny Annis
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