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Nile Magazine, a Premium Ancient Egypt Magazine Is Now Available on Subscription

Nile Magazine exists as the Premium Ancient Egypt magazine. It is a sole venture that comes from the heart. It is the most beautiful magazine, accurate and entertaining.


Sydney, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2016 --Editor Jeff Burzacott of Nile Magazine is pleased to announce readers of the popular magazine can now take out a subscription for six or twelve issues. The magazine is available as a printed or a downloadable version.

Nile Magazine is a refreshing magazine that is poised to bring great articles, news stories and features of ancient Egypt. Each issue takes the reader on a magical journey exploring some of the amazing history, mystery and the wonders of ancient Egypt.

Each issue explores the history, mystery and wonder of ancient Egypt. There is news on recent archaeological finds and current museum exhibitions, and you'll meet the Egyptologists who shape our understanding of the world of the pharaohs. Plus, travel tips on how to best enjoy Egypt's ancient treasures today, as well as how to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

With amazing features and recent news on archaeological finds, as well as stunning photography it has become one of the most recommended magazines on Egypt. Not everyone can visit Eygpt and appreciate the history it has to offer, and that is why Nile Magazine has gained such a huge readership. It allows people to get as close as they possibly can to Egypt and the amazing sights it has to offer, without them leaving their own home.

As well as covering important stories on the history of Egypt, the magazine also looks at travel and provides travel advice and tips, which includes what to see when taking a vacation in Egypt.

Nile Magazine is different from most other magazines. The people who work and write for the magazine are driven by passion for the wonders what the country provides. The magazine has been credited for the information and stunning pictures it provides.

Jeff Burzacott, the editor of Nile Magazine said:" People sometimes ask me when I caught the 'bug'. It makes me think back to an old "Dr. Who" series called "Pyramids of Mars". It had everything that kept an 8-year-old Jeffrey Burzacott glued to his black-and-white TV every day after school: pyramids, robot mummies, and an evil, Egyptiany alien!"

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About Nile Magazine
Nile Magazine is a stunning magazine that looks at ancient Egypt and the powerful sites it provides. Nile Magazine A Premium Ancient Egypt Magazine Is Now Available On Subscription.