Niolabs' Autonomous Vineyard to Be Featured at Google Cloud's Next 2018 Conference


Broomfield, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/23/2018 --Niolabs, a pioneer of distributed computing software to serve the explosive Internet of Things (IoT) market, announced that co-founder and CEO Doug Standley has been invited to present on stage at Google Cloud's Next 2018 conference in San Francisco, CA. The presentation, titled "Finding the ROI in IoT," will explore a methodology to define ROI for IoT opportunities while showcasing a specific example of niolabs' work in precision agriculture.

Deep Sky Vineyard in Willcox, AZ is utilizing niolabs' core nio software Platform along with the Google Cloud Platform to analyze data from sensors in the soil in combination with the farmer's observations to autonomously control the vineyard pumps and valves, delivering the optimal water flow to each vine. Co-owner of Deep Sky Vineyard Phil Asmundson, who will also be on stage, stated, "We will easily save over 1 million gallons of water this year and our fruit is the best it has ever been."

Event: Finding the ROI in IoT
When: Wednesday, July 25 3:15–4:05 PM
Where: Metreon in San Francisco, CA, Level 4, Room MT016
Details: In this session, niolabs CEO Doug Standley will share how niolabs has enabled the owners of Deep Sky Vineyard to find additional business value through IoT.

"We see the market for IoT, and Digital Transformation in general, beginning to move past proof of concepts to scalable solutions that drive ROI. Our tight integration with Google Cloud provides users the confidence to accelerate adoption and unlimited scale," said Doug Standley, CEO at niolabs.

In addition to precision agriculture, niolabs has proven the transformational value of the nio Platform in several other industries, notably working in the industrial internet space and the medical device industry. Leveraging the recently announced Google Cloud partnership, niolabs is looking forward to the continued development of upcoming projects as they expand into new industries.

For the duration of the conference, niolabs will have interactive demonstrations available in booth S1617 at Moscone Center South. More information and private meeting scheduling can be found here:

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Based in Broomfield, CO, niolabs is at the forefront of IoT and distributed computing. They've created the innovative nio Platform—a highly-scalable stream processing engine and supporting toolset that allows users to design, build, deploy, and monitor distributed systems that unlock digital transformation.

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