No More GI Problems: Next Gen Energy Gel for Road Runner

A pro runner Sage Canaday and sports nutrition scientist and founder of Spring, Rafal Nazarewicz, collaborate to create the ultimate energy gel for road runners preventing GI problems.


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/05/2017 --Endurance athletes are angry at the lack of healthy nutrition for refueling during high intensity efforts. Energy gel manufacturers rely on maltodextrin' as the main source of energy. Recent studies show that high sugar and maltodextrin content along with preservatives are a direct cause of exercise-induced GI problems. The solution? All natural whole foods supplements providing simple, complex and long chain carbohydrates and fatty acids as diverse energy sources.

The new energy gel is just that. With zero artificial ingredients, no preservatives and no added sugars, Canabarry Crazy Strawberry is the ultimate fuel for high intensity running. It's smooth, delicious and refreshing. Refueling is not longer an unpleasant necessity.

This new product comes from the kitchen of a start up responsible for an array of successful energy and hydration products making its name among endurance athletes in the US and abroad.

About Spring Canaberry
Founded in 2014 by Rafal Nazarewicz PhD and Adam Goleniewski, Spring has been revolutionizing the industry preaching the low sugar, real food as energy philosophy and with great success. Today, Spring is supported by numerous of professional and recreational athletes including Hoka World Team Ambassador, Sage Canaday; Nike Trail Team, Sally McRae; World Record holder and World Champion in 24 hours, Patrycja Bereznowski; World and American Champion in triathlon, Kyle Welch, 24 Hour World Champion, Jon Olsen; 3 times Marathon Olympic Trial participant, Becki Spellman and many more.

Spring is currently running a Kicstarter campaing to speed up the process of bringing Canberry to market.