NOCABLE Portable Wireless Charging Device Launch


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2017 --NOCABLE, a portable wireless charging device, has seen great early success after reaching 500% of the company's funding goal.

Similar to the Apple wireless charger, this model is far more convenient. It is compatible with any QI-enabled smartphones and mobile devices and can charge up to three devices simultaneously while also charging itself.

It has wireless capabilities and compatibility with both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, and can also charge cameras, tablets, and other smartphones. NOCABLE is ideal for use on the go thanks to its portable format.

Applications for work and leisure

The NOCABLE charger can be used in a range of situations. It is easy to carry around because there is no need to include cables, which can easily break or become tangled when carried in a bag. This makes it excellent for use at work or when travelling.

The battery has the capacity to charge up to three full cycles for smart phones, and one for tablets and is great for charging when out and about. If you are not returning home for a day or two, the battery capacity of 8000mah provides a great way to remain in touch with those who matter.

Even when at home, consumers may find it easier to use the NOCABLE charger because there is no need to plug in their devices. The wireless charger has a distance of up to 4 cm, meaning that smartphones and tablets only need to be near the device for it to work.

For the user who likes to stay connected, it is also possible to charge up to three devices at once. There are two USB ports on the device to allow the connection of extra phones, tablets, or cameras at the same time - and it can even be recharged while charging other devices, too.

Universal convenience

The NOCABLE charging unit is compatible with any device which is Qi-enabled – the industry standard for wirelessly battery operated devices, including smart phones and cameras. This includes popular models such as the iPhone 8 and X, Samsung handsets, and Google phones.

The safe, efficient, and convenient charging options make it great for just about any situation. NOCABLE has failsafes built in to ensure that devices will not overheat or overcharge while connected. You can also use the LCD display to see the battery status of the NOCABLE, which means you always know how much charging capability you have left.

NOCABLE is due to go into mass production during November 2017. This means that order fulfillment will begin in January 2018, with pre-orders taking first priority. These can be placed immediately. Various rewards are available on Indiegogo for early buyers.