Noonchi Success Spurs Version 2 All-Chair-Workout System Now Flying off Virtual Shelves

A proven workout system ups the ante on home or office furniture by turning any chair into a gym in seconds.


Morgan Hill, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2020 --Health and fitness just got a jolt in the arm with an affordable, lightweight, portable workout wonder for all ages in all locations. Designed for those interested in optimizing their time spent in a chair, the newest essential for all fitness levels has come to play. Welcome to the Noonchi Version 2 All-Chair-Workout System. Using a newly-designed Noochi workout system, it quickly turns any chair anywhere into a full body workout machine. Making the most of resistance training with two sets of Noonchi weighted bands, the newest version turns a humdrum workday, or sedentary time, into a way to keep fit. Want to build muscle? Trim down or tone? Don't get up; reach around.

Equipped with two sets of 20lb and 5lb Noonchi bands, the custom created bands can be used separately for a minimal resistance cardio workout or combined for maximum exercise. Quickly attach the bands to various locations on the Noonchi to provide multiple workout options or place them under the feet for even more possibilities. Raise or lower Noonchi to suit every body type and when finished, easily detach it from the back of the chair.

Andy Lujan, the owner and creator of Noonchi said, "Our first version saw incredible success as consumers happily used it in their office chairs. Soon, they asked us for a workout product that would fit everything from a kitchen chair to a wheelchair. Now, the completely redesigned version attaches to every type of chair under the sun. If you're at school, on a trip, or in any room in the house, watch out! Your fitness is in business!"

Pleased with their results, a family of fitness buffs said of the product, "When Covid-19 hit and all the gyms closed, the Noonchi workout was truly a lifesaver!"

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About Noonchi
Founded by Andy Lujan, Noonchi is a company that supplies portable workout systems for the home or office. Rehabilitation and recovery approved, after consulting with one's doctor, Noonchi can be added to physical therapy routines.

Andy Lujan
Owner/Creator, Noonchi


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