“All Smiles” Dentistry

North Bethesda Dental Practice Offers Invisalign Braces

All Smiles Dentistry provides patients the opportunity to choose Invisalign braces for a more advanced, comfortable, cost-effective and comfortable experience


Rockville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/19/2014 --All Smiles Dentistry in North Bethesda, Maryland is proud to feature the latest advancements in Invisalign® orthodontics for their patients. The Invisalign system consists of a series of clear plastic aligners molded to perfectly fit the teeth that are replaced over time as teeth are adjusted. These clear, comfortable aligners allow the wearer to efficiently correct their smile without unsightly, painful and labor-intensive traditional metal braces. North Bethesda orthodontics dentist Dr. Mary Ziomek is an Invisalign specialist, providing the easy, removable clear braces system to her patients as an alternative to the outdated metal apparatus.

All Smiles Dentistry begins by providing an initial evaluation for patients who are interested in choosing Invisalign braces. This consultation helps determine whether the system is the right choice for each patient. Once Dr. Ziomek has determined a patient’s candidacy, their first series of custom-fit aligners is prepared and applied. The patient receives a series of sequential appliances, each to replace the previous one in a multi-stage pursuit of perfect smile achievement. This gradual approach gently straightens and corrects teeth without the mess or pain of tightening twisting, wire cutting or dental rubber bands. Invisalign also allows more convenience and flexibility for daily life than ever before, with aligners that can be easily removed for meals, tooth brushing and special events or photos.

The Invisalign technology and procedure is straightforward and convenient, and All Smiles Dentistry takes care of each step along the way. First, Dr. Ziomek takes an impression of the patient’s teeth, which will form the basis for the aligners. Computer imaging and fabrication is a big part of the advanced technology that makes Invisalign such an easy choice. Once the impressions are done, plaster models are made of the teeth so that aligners fit perfectly every time. Following the imaging and model creation, a ClinCheck® diagnostic sequence is created that shows the movement of the teeth from their first to their final, completely adjusted positioning. Dr. Ziomek can monitor the ClinCheck sequence online from anywhere, making any adjustments needed at any time without having to realign or restructure the entire treatment. Laser scanning is used to create each new set of aligners, ensuring flawless adhesion to the adjustment plan. Following the sequential update of each aligner in the series, an expertly corrected smile emerges. To learn more about the Invisalign difference at All Smile Dentistry, visit them online at http://www.rockville-all-smiles-dentistry.com