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North Star Kitchen and Bath Remodels Continues to Offer Expert Kitchen Design in Boise


Boise, ID -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/04/2020 --The friendly kitchen renovation contractors in Boise are excited to assist the local residents with building the kitchen of their dreams, despite what is taking place throughout the rest of the country.

While most of the nation is at a standstill, and many are still wondering what's to come next with the coronavirus pandemic, it seems as though residents in Boise have stopped to wait it out. However, the kitchen design remodeling experts from North Star Kitchen and Bath want everyone to know that they are still operating at full capacity.

"We know that this is a difficult time. Many people are out of work. Some don't know if they will get a paycheck next week. Others are questioning how they're going to buy groceries, much less remodel a kitchen. It's important now more than ever to be comfortable in your living space, though. We are all spending more time at home, and we think that every citizen deserves to enjoy where they are building memories with their families, even if it isn't under ideal circumstances." The owner and operator of North Star Kitchen and Bath stated recently.

The kitchen design in Boise options that they have are virtually limitless, and they have an experienced design crew that can assist with matching budgets with customer visions. With over ten years of experience in kitchen remodeling, it's something that they're good at, and a job that they have a passion for. The kitchen remodeling company was built on a foundation of customer service, and they continue to strive to meet and exceed every expectation, regardless of the size of the job.

When a kitchen design in Boise client calls, he or she first has the option of getting an appointment set up for an in-home consultation. It's the easiest way to identify what the kitchen space looks like and how best to fit the customer's visions with what the crew is realistically capable of doing. For those that are a bit apprehensive about having a construction company in their home right now, they can do virtual consultations at no cost as well.

During the initial meeting, the kitchen remodeling groundwork is laid out in full. Some customers that they meet with want something as simple as new kitchen flooring installed. Others are looking for an entire gutting and fresh start. There's one thing that these kitchen remodeling contractors know, and that's the fact that no two jobs are ever the same.

A kitchen design contractor in Boise from their crew explained, "I've been doing this kind of work for years, and one thing that I love about it is, every time I walk onto a jobsite, it's something unique. It keeps things interesting, and it allows me to use my creativity on each project. Of course, we never do anything without getting the approval of the homeowner. In my experience, there are very few that don't rave about what we've accomplished by the end of the day."

The kitchen design in Boise is an excellent option for anyone looking for a modern space to spend their days at home. New custom kitchen cabinets in oak, maple, and birch, countertops in various choices like quartz, marble, granite, and flooring in contemporary, gorgeous, and affordable styles like solid stone, ceramic, and vinyl can all be customized for every individual.

Not only can this team of specialists remodel kitchens, but they are experts at bathroom renovations as well. Full-scale bathroom remodels are achieved with a tear-out of everything existing, so clients can start with a clean palette. Others decide to have a basic shower remodeling or new bathroom countertops installed. The point that the expert kitchen and bath remodeling contractors make above all else is suiting every job to what the client wants.

North Star Kitchen and Bath have built their reputation for being the best kitchen design in Boise team because they genuinely care about everyone they meet. Relationships are more important to them than taking people's money. They aren't in the business of telling people what they want. Alternatively, they take the time necessary to really listen to what the goal is for that person. Other kitchen remodeling companies have been destroyed because they tell the customer what they believe will work, and then force them into their kitchen design, instead of letting the client lead the way.

This is one of the few kitchen and bath renovation companies in Boise that doesn't take full payment upfront. They know that it's the contractors that require 100% of the funds that often dip out before the job is done. They only take 50% payment to get started with supplies and kitchen renovation materials. When the consumer is delighted with the final result, the rest of the cost is due.

For those that are struggling financially right now due to COVID-19, North Star Kitchen and Bath is offering financing options and special discounts.

To get started with a free estimate for kitchen design in Boise, you can email the kitchen remodeling contractors at or visit their website to discover the wide range of home remodeling options available.

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