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North Vancouver Fence Installer Provides Tips for Cougar Proofing

A secure fence enclosure can help home and farm owners proof against predators says North Vancouver fence installer


New Westminster, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2019 --A lot of backyards in Metro Vancouver happen to be in cougar territory (also known as mountain lions). As a Vancouver fence installer, the specialists at QS Fencing want homeowners to understand the critical role fencing plays in securing a backyard from these predators. For more, go to: http://www.qsfencing.ca/blog/fencing-for-north-vancouver-mountain-lions-cougar-proof-fencing/

In several Greater Vancouver municipalities along the North Shore Mountains in the Fraser Valley, it's not uncommon to hear about cougar sightings or attacks. For farmers as well as families with small children or animals, it's important to be aware of local wildlife and take the necessary precautions.

While bears are reported far more frequently (check out this tool for sightings: https://wildsafebc.com/warp), cougar proofing is another important topic as reports around Maple Ridge and North Vancouver have been increasing. These animals are often glimpsed roaming streets, driveways, and yards. And while attacks are mercifully rare, fencing can be a major deterrent for preventing attacks on children, pets, and livestock.

Mountain lions are serious predators that can easily leap and clear a 10-foot high fence. For maximum safety, a full enclosure for animals is recommended. Since barns and wooden enclosures may have loose boards and other access points that allow an animal to enter and escape, the number one recommendation is a chain-link fence.

Full chain-link enclosures are ideal for securing livestock. A tarp can even be added on top for additional protection from the elements. Mountainlion.org offers photos and instructions for setting up a chain-link enclosure for livestock.

If setting up a full enclosure is not possible, the recommended fence height for discouraging cougars is 12 feet. However, many municipalities around Vancouver impose height restrictions for fences over 6 feet. Be sure to check municipal bylaws to ensure compliance.

Families with mountainside property in Metro Vancouver can refer to best practices advised by Fish and Wildlife to learn how to cohabitate with wildlife successfully. Children are at higher risk than adults, so the Ministry recommends adding fencing around yards and play areas, as well as a number of other safety precautions. Once again, be sure to check municipal restrictions before starting on fence installation.

Many of the stories around wildlife attacks are preventable. A good fence can prevent unfortunate encounters while improving the curb appeal and aesthetics around the home. To learn more about wildlife fencing or to request a quote, call (604) 777-3057 or email reception@qsfencing.ca.

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