Northern Virginia Physical Therapy Company Dynamics Physical Therapy Is Excited to Announce Dr. David Sahley's 2015 Speaking Engagements

Dr. David Sahley of Dynamics Physical Therapy, a physical therapy company, is scheduled to conduct several seminars around the nation this year. His seminars will cover various topics including arthritis management, differential assessment and clinical reasoning, stabilization training and functional rehabilitation, and evidence-based orthopedic diagnostic evaluation.


Herndon, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2015 --Throughout the upcoming year, Dr. David Sahley of Dynamics Physical Therapy, a physical therapy company with three offices in Herndon, Gainesville, and Haymarket, will travel across the country delivering several educational seminars on a wide range of physical therapy topics. Dr. Sahley graduated from Physical Therapy School at Marymount University in 2000, and then opened Dynamics Physical Therapy in Virginia. He currently teaches national and local continuing education courses focusing on the spine, extremities, and injury prevention.

In January, Dr. Sahley led an intermediate spinal lecture in New York City. From February 27th until March 1st he is scheduled to be in Jackson, MS, conducting an Essential Peripheral Seminar, which is recommended as the first course in the MAPS series. It covers an introduction to Australian orthopedic manual therapy with an emphasis on effective assessment and treatment of the upper and lower limbs. Dr. Sahley will teach highly specific subjective and objective physical examination techniques.

From March 13th to 15th, Dr. Sahley will be lecturing in Washington, DC, on Stabilization Training and Functional Rehabilitation. This course covers contemporary evidence-based medicine from around the world. Seminar participants will evaluate the fundamentals of each study as well as the parallel philosophies of spinal stabilization. Dr. Sahley will lead participants through a critical assessment of these theories to figure out the best way to incorporate the information and apply it to real patient situations. This course may be taken at any time as a single course.

During the 20th-22nd of March, Dr. Sahley will be in White Plains, NY, teaching a Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation Seminar. This course covers various manipulation philosophies, with an emphasis on the approaches of Geoff Maitland, James Cyriax and UK Osteopathic. These three approaches will be compared, contrasted and practiced extensively in lab sessions. The seminar will focus on safety in manipulation and assessment as well as treatment principles.

On April 24th-26th Dr. Sahley returns to Washington, DC, for the Essential Peripheral Seminar. The following month, May 1st-3rd, Dr. Sahley will lead the Differential Assessment and Clinical Reasoning Seminar in New York City. This course incorporates the clinical reasoning techniques taught in previous courses and combines them with more advanced applied techniques.

In May and June, Dr. Sahley will teach an Evidence-Based Orthopedic Diagnostic Evaluation Seminar in New Jersey and Tennessee. Later in the summer he is scheduled to conduct a comprehensive review course in New York City.

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Dynamics Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic with four doctors on staff. Their offices are located in Gainesville, Haymarket, and Herndon, VA. The doctors use exercise equipment, high tech modalities, and manual techniques to treat sports injuries, neck pain, whiplash, back injuries, scoliosis, knee pain, arthritis, TMJ disorders, and more.

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