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Nova Scotia Dental Care Centre Carries UnderArmour Athletic Mouthwear

New Minas Dental Centre in Nova Scotia offers UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear to athletes for protection and enhancement


New Minas, NS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2014 --New Minas Dental Centre in Nova Scotia provides advanced UnderArmour™ Performance Mouthwear for athletes in all sports. Athletic mouthwear helps athletes in more ways than one, not only protecting the teeth, cheeks and tongue during high-contact sports but also enhancing concentration and performance during play. Specifically, UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear custom-created mouthpieces prevent the wearer from clenching the teeth. Clenching triggers a natural bodily response that releases performance-decreasing hormones as it recognizes exertion as trauma and attempts to reduce the trauma on the body. During competition, the body needs to operate at an enhanced level and clenching reduces that optimization.

About UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear
UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear is suitable for athletes in any sport, offering advancement over the traditional protective mouthguard by helping improve the performance of the athlete as well as providing protection for teeth. Patented Bite Tech technology relieves the pressure on the athlete’s temporomandibular joint and prevents teeth clenching. Because Performance Mouthwear prevents the hormone release associated with clenching the teeth or the jaw, you’re able to reach your full potential without stress hormones slowing you down. UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear is created for use by both male and female athletes for application in any sport. For contact-intensive sports like football, rugby, hockey and lacrosse, the UnderArmour Performance Mouthguard represents the ultimate level of protection available. Athletes who play primarily limited or non-contact sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, weightlifting or soccer also prefer the UnderArmour Performance Mouthpiece for its comfort and modern design.

New Minas Dental Centre provides performance mouthwear services by handling the process for each patient from start to finish. Dr. Peter Bagnell takes an impression of the teeth and a bite measurement. When the impressions are completed, Dr. Bagnell sends them to the manufacturer to have custom UnderArmour mouthwear created specifically for the patient. This process typically takes around 10 days. The durable and customizable mouthwear can be adorned with special colored biteplates and decals that represent a team or foundation. Each mouthguard is designed to last an entire season, weathering the wear and tear associated with professional athletics. Chewing on the product is discouraged as that decreases the duration of the mouthguard’s stamina. Many athletes over the age of 8 are able to wear and benefit from mouthguards during sports activity, though people who’ve experienced any type of jaw or mouth injury or are experiencing jaw or mouth pain should have one of the skilled staff members at New Minas Dental Centre perform a routine checkup before proceeding with impressions.

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