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NovaLife, Inc. Posts Medical Results on Factor4 Weight Control


La Jolla, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2014 --NovaLife has posted twelve medical articles on the benefits of its flagship product, Factor4 Weight Control® on comorbidities which are associated with obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome. These case studies include type-2 diabetes, lipid disorders, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, menopause/andropause, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and sleep deprivation.

Because many of these patients suffer from chronic degenerative diseases associated with the Metabolic Syndrome during the aging process, NovaLife Inc., through it Concierge Medical Services Program, has followed the beneficial effects of Factor4 on these metabolic diseases as well. According to Dr. George Scheele, who is President & CEO of NovaLife and board certified in Internal Medicine, Factor4 shows beneficial effects on a wide range of associated metabolic diseases.

The beneficial results of Factor4 Weight Control® are now summarized in case studies published on NovaLife’s blog at

According to Dr. Scheele the Company’s patented technology (AAADT) accelerates the delivery of amino acids into the blood stream by an order of magnitude (>10-fold). Since amino acids are the magic ingredients that drive success in weight loss health, metabolic health and anti-aging, AAADT shows beneficial results in chronic degenerative diseases that associate with obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome.

Factor4 Weight Control® has been shown to improve weight-loss efforts in more than 4,000 people by taming appetite, boosting energy, building muscle and burning fat. With additional clinical experience Dr. Scheele and his staff now state that Factor4 has beneficial effects on a broad spectrum of metabolic diseases that associate with obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome.

Dr. George Scheele
President and CEO at NovaLife, Inc.
T: (858)-456-0666