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Now Is the Time to Start Preparing Homes for Sale in Fall

Homeowners interested in selling their homes in the fall should make sure to start preparing their homes as soon as possible, while taking the seasonal conditions of the real estate market into consideration.


Falls Church, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/22/2016 --The official start of fall is September 22, just over a month away. Since fall is a popular time to sell a home, interested homeowners should start preparing their homes as soon as possible. Indeed, just after Labor Day is when the "fall selling season" begins. Homeowners should note that they might find it more complicated and time-consuming to get ready than what they had expected.

For example, landscaping is a popular method for increasing a home's curb appeal to make a positive first impression. But it is important to remember that different plants have different flowering seasons. As a result, if a homeowner had planned to beautify their home with flowers, but chose flowering plants with short blooming periods, absent a quick sale they might not be able to benefit from their hard work. Furthermore, some colors are better-suited to summer than to fall, meaning that some homeowners might want to make a switch over to the reds, browns, and oranges of fall, which can mean making changes to both the interiors and the exteriors of their homes.

That said, there are also some steps to preparing homes for sale that always take up plenty of time regardless of the season. One example is inspecting a home's HVAC system, as well as the rest of its utilities so that potential issues can be caught and corrected. This is particularly important, because potential home buyers in fall will be paying attention to them in order to avoid creating problems for themselves in winter. Another example is making a home seem clean and presentable, which may seem rather simple and straightforward, but can encompass a wide range of tasks. Such tasks could include: cleaning the windows, pressure washing the exterior walls, and pruning plants.

As a result, homeowners who are planning to sell their homes in fall should start preparing them as soon as possible, because there is much to do in a relatively short amount of time. To make matters easier, they should seek out real estate agents with a deep understanding of their local real estate markets such as John Seggerman, who can help them plan their preparations by informing them about all of the things that will have to be done in order to maximize the appeal of their homes.

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