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Now on Amazon, "Speechless in Spain" Heralds a Braveheart Who Learned Spanish Living Abroad Alone

Author, Mercedes Luna releases her new book Speechless in Spain to give readers a look at the emotional heroism it takes to learn a language far from home.


Madrid, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2017 --She thought it would be simple. Move to Spain, immerse herself in the culture, learn the language, and be back in the U.S. within months. Sounds romantic, right? But the new book by author Mercedes Luna tells another story. Newly launched on Amazon, "Speechless in Spain" shows the fortitude it takes to live abroad without the luxury of knowing a soul or the language. A two and a half year journey toward self-knowledge and acceptance, the experience stripped her of what she didn't know she had. In Spain, she opts to leave pretense and unrealistic expectations behind to tell a story of the life-changing gifts becoming fluent in Spanish wrought.

"Before I started, I was stuck living what seemed to be someone else's life. I didn't notice it because I kept busy but, there were signs. I had to give it all up and learning Spanish was what I used to do it. It was much harder than I imagined, and it took much longer than I anticipated. But, I discovered I was struggling because I had to confront my fears and what I saw as personal failings about myself. After struggling through the emotional part first, I re-emerged with authenticity and self-acceptance. Amazingly, the language learning process got much easier from there. That's the real story," said Luna.?

Navigating through flattering Spaniards with the art of the language on tap, in the end, Luna finds that culture shock and determination both push her onward. Feeling isolated and alone in a new country, some of Luna's challenges include weathering an Intercambio or language exchange. An Intercambio facilitates a social setting whereby people can help each other learn Spanish or English; it can also facilitate locals preying on naive foreigners. Simply stated, this is a fish out of water story about a fish that learned to swim.

Luna adds, "I feel like I'm speaking for many foreigners with this book. If you want to learn a language, immerse your whole life in it. Use television, podcasts, and daily interactions to build vocabulary and create experiences that allow the brain to remember in a more profound way. Honestly, you can't get this from Rosetta Stone or a textbook. You have to live it in your bones."

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Mercedes Luna is the author of the book Speechless in Spain.

Mercedes Luna


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