Nuplas Is a No-Maintenance Beehive Making Beekeeping Accessible for All

Company's Plastic Beehive is Ready to Use Out the Box and is Currently Raising Funds on Indiegogo


Melbourne, Victoria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2016 --Beekeeping has never been more accessible thanks to a Melbourne, Australia based company called Nuplas that has created a no maintenance Plastic Beehive which allows aspiring beekeepers to start collecting honey right out the box.

After driving home late one night, founder Ben Joyce saw a massive cloud of dust appear in front of him on the road. Initially thinking it was a motor accident, he pulled over to discover it wasn't a car accident, but instead a beehive that had fallen out of a truck and smashed to thousands of pieces, unbeknownst to the driver.

"From here it got me thinking and with much research and development we finally reached a conclusion the commercial and hobby bee keeping industry was in much need of a better quality and less maintenance oriented product so they could concentrate more on gathering honey rather than constantly renewing or maintaining their existing bee hives," says Nuplas founder and Director Ben Joyce.

From there, the company set out to create the ultimate beehive that would achieve all these goals. No painting, no wax dripping, and using strong, durable, plastic materials. The beehive can be assembled in less than 3 minutes, completely finished and ready to be used. Traditional beehives are made of timber boxes, which can take more than an hour to nail and glue together, before painting and wax dipping can even begin.

Nuplas' beehive keeps at a very even temperature right through summer and winter. There is no difference in honey production performance from timber versus plastic. The main difference is that plastic is very easy to keep clean and if there is disease in the hive it can simply be cleaned and washed and reused rather than having to burn the entire hive of a timber one, as the disease is more engrained into the porous timber walls of the box.

In addition to being perfect for long term beekeepers, Nuplas Beehive is the definitive beehive for aspiring beekeepers entering the field. It's quick setup and low maintenance ensure that the focus can be on beekeeping and gathering honey.

The Nuplas Plastic Beehive is designed to match all Langstroth measurements for seeking and comes in a cool white color with UV Stabilizer. The product is guaranteed for 35 years and flat packed for easy shipping.

The Nuplas Plastic Beehive starts at only $170 for a complete Beehive Set for early backers that includes everything a customer needs to begin beekeeping right out the box. Just add bees. Multiple beehives including double box models are available at an additional cost.

The Nuplas Plastic Beehive is now live and available for purchase on Indiegogo here:

About Nuplas BeeHives
Established in 2006, Nuplas is a 100% Australian owned and operated, independent manufacturer.The Nuplas Plastic Bee Hive was first launched to the open market in early 2013. It is based on the industry norm, Lansgtroth dimensions and is currently available in 8 & 10 frame full depth boxes. The company started prototyping back in 2010, and have tested them in both hot and cold climates with fantastic results. With quality timber becoming harder and harder to source at an affordable cost, as well as becoming a scarce commodity, plastic is the only way to go for a sustainable future. 

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