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Nutkase in a Nutshell: Encore Data Products Releases Rugged Protection for Laptops and Tablets


Lafayette, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2018 --Encore Data Products, supplier of high-quality audio-visual equipment and technology accessories, announced the inclusion of NutKase Accessories into its product line. Like other product offerings from Encore, NutKase is geared towards the unique needs of academic and professional settings and has sold its durable products to schools and corporations in over 35 countries since 2011. The NutKase Bumpcase, one of the brand's top sellers, protects iPads from damage with its rugged, user-friendly design that is much easier to grip than the slippery surface of the tablet on its own. With a patented V-Strap hand grip, 4-foot drop protection, and a custom-engineered reinforced TPU shell, the Bumpcase stands up to use and abuse by students of all ages.

The NutKase Bumpcase iPad case is as attractive as it is strong- with multiple color options and a student-friendly design complete with student ID card holder, the Bumpcase effectively protects 5th and 6th-Gen Apple iPads from becoming severely damaged upon being dropped by users in a school classroom setting. Its double-layer protection gives educators, parents, and administrators alike peace of mind when assigning iPads to students for school use. Thanks to the NutKase Bumpcase, students can have the latest technology at their fingertips without possibly creating exorbitant repair and replacement costs for their school faculty. "The quality and durability of fabric, stitching and color options of the products – makes it aspirational as well as a practical solution to device protection," said Oliver Page, co-founder of NutKase, about combining elements of long-lasting ruggedness and aesthetics into his company's products.

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