Nutrition for Athletes - Free Coaching with Online Health Food Store Consultant

Finding the right nutrition for athletes can be challenging for consumers, but one online health food store is clearing up the confusion with free guidance from a professional nutrition coach.


Mesa, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2008 -- Purchasing quality nutrition for athletes can be confusing, but one online health food store is making it easier for their customers with free nutrition coaching. What they are offering is so much more than typical product information available at other health food stores. This is not a diet plan, but an easy way to gain personalized understanding about how the body uses nutrients for energy.

Visitors to can see testimonials from other customers and find plenty of product information on the Nutrition for Athletes page. Then, they can take it a step further by communicating, either through E-mail or via a toll free phone call, directly to an experienced nutrition consultant who will help them clearly understand how they can achieve their fitness goals.

Here is an example of how it worked recently with a phone call to the online health food store from an anxious proud mom who said, "I'm looking for the best nutrition for athletes. My daughter is a tennis player and will be traveling extensively to climates very different from where we live."

During an informative chat with the nutrition coach, the mother learned about the right nutrients for her daughter. She discovered the secrets of concentrated nutrition for athletes, electrolyte replacement and the right all natural foods that will carry her daughter through a tournament with more energy and greater stamina. While speaking with the online health food store consultant the mom grew confident that her daughter will have the best tools to pursue her dream of being a star tennis player at a good college.

This service is not just for semi-professional athletes. It works for weekend warriors and for others who know that proper nutrition is essential to stay fit. Not everyone needs to win tennis tournaments or compete in the Olympics, but for the very best chance to reach optimum health and fitness it pays to know more about the highest quality nutrition for athletes available today. This online health food store can help pinpoint where a diet may be lacking and point the consumer to the right products.

Jane Wakefield, an online health food store nutrition coach, believes that the right foods and drinks gave her an advantage during the "Hit for the Cure" Breast Cancer Benefit Tennis Tournament last year when she picked up victories in two categories. She shares this with clients who are seeking top nutrition for athletes, “When I started eating more whole foods and hydrating with higher quality health drinks my cravings for sweets diminished, my skin got softer, my energy level soared without being jittery, and my allergies disappeared. My immune system got stronger and I no longer came down with colds. Over the years of eating and drinking this way and getting moderate exercise, I can honestly say that I feel better today at age fifty-three than when I was twenty-five”.

Now, customers at this online health food store are encouraged to ask themselves, “What if a simple dietary change could improve your overall fitness level?” They are invited to think about how their well-being may change, set a goal and then call or send E-mail requests for the free guidance from a professional to make that goal a reality.