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Nutritional Products International: $2 -Trillion Stimulus Poised to Create Economic Recovery

Mitch Gould and NPI Poised to Assist Companies That Want to Enter U.S. Market


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/27/2020 --Now is the time to lay the groundwork for when the economic recovery becomes robust, which many economists are predicting for later this year.

"Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin is expecting a 'gigantic fourth quarter' because of 'pent up demand' by American consumers," said Mitch Gould, CEO and founder of Nutritional Products International. "That is why NPI is currently working with international and domestic companies to position them to take advantage of that robust economic upswing."

Mnuchin told Politico that the economic recovery will begin when Americans see the United States get through the next few months and the virus dies off.

Mnuchin's economic forecast also has support from many economists.

The vast majority of economists predict the U.S. economy will rebound later this year.

With more states ordering self-isolation, the hope that warmer weather slows down the virus, government fast-tracking coronavirus medical research, and Congress and the Federal Research taking unprecedented actions, the economists are hoping for the recovery to start sooner than later.

Especially now that Congress is expected to pass a $2-trillion-plus stimulus package, as some economists say is needed,

Gould said he encourages health and wellness companies to expand their online sales outlets because more people than ever before are buying online. Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers to handle the increase in online sales.

"They are buying health and wellness products online at rates never before seen," Gould added. "People are staying home, ordering what they need online, and, now more than ever, searching for dietary supplements to help keep them in peak condition."

People are also buying their staples online, such as their beauty products.

"When they run out skincare products or hair coloring systems, they are not going to the store to buy them anymore. They are searching online for beauty products and having them delivered," Gould said.

Nutritional Products International works with health and wellness companies, both overseas and domestic, to expand their sales in the United States. Gould developed his "Evolution of Distribution" method, which gives manufacturers a one-stop hub for all their needs if they want to enter or expand in the U.S. market.

"NPI helps them with U.S. Customs, FDA compliance, retail buyers, and promotion," Gould said, adding that the "Evolution of Distribution" has helped many companies succeed in the American market."

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