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NuWays MD's Announces Remarkable PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for Athletes

NuWays MD is offering stem cell and PRP therapy to all sports personalities to cure them quickly from several problems like joint pains to certain spine conditions.


Boca Raton, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/06/2019 --NuWays MD is an organization which became quite popular among the sports community for their new age treatment for various sports-related injuries. According to this medical institute, sports players professional or otherwise can be treated to completely eliminate knee and back pain with stem cell or PRP therapy. Both these procedures are used for chronic pain and regenerative benefits which most sports athletes suffer.

Various tests and researches done by this firm shows that these treatments can be life-changing as mostly they offer ideal pain relief and restores function along with caring of ankles, knee, shoulder injuries, foot, etc. Since the number of athletes in any nation is increasing substantially, these treatments are becoming more popular among them.

Dr. Amir Shariati, MD of this medical institute remarked, "There has been a lot of research about PRP and Stem Cell Therapy over the last decade or so. With remarkable progress in this field, we came to the conclusion these are an ideal procedure as it is not only efficient for sports players but also, has the potential to eliminate pain entirely."

Also, the MD mentioned that PRP injections are a better alternative to cortisone shots as it takes a much longer time to recover for a patient. Also, apart from this, continuous use of it leads to deterioration of cartilage within joints as it is a type of steroid. Repeated usage can also lead to issues like joint infection, thinning of soft tissue and skin, nerve damage, etc.

These shots help in reducing inflammation by masking pain, PRP injections is anti-inflammatory which encourages tissue regeneration and cellular growth that helps to heal faster.

According to statistics, more sports players are turning to stem cell and PRP therapy as it helps in recovering faster from osteoarthritis of the knee, shoulder, hip, spine, rotator cuff tears, ACL injury, back and neck injuries, and ligament sprains.

The firm also mentioned that apart from these issues, such treatments also help overcome certain spine conditions. Since every sports player wants to heal quickly stem cell and PRP injection therapy is what they are choosing these days.

This institute's ARNP Melissa Mckinney remarked, "There are so many benefits of these modern age treatments that more sportspersons who have an issue are opting for these. Hence, we can easily say that more people will be choosing such procedures over yesteryear treatments like cortisone shots. Also, these treatments are natural such as PRP injections come from a person's own blood are more of a healthier alternative."

According to the treatment trend, more athletes will be choosing these treatments over any other alternative. Hence, this medical institute looks forward to gain more popularity with their new age treatment procedures.

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NuWays MD is a medical institute which known for its new age treatments such as stem cell and PRP therapy. They specialize in orthopedics treatments and offer consultation for various issues related to body, sexual health, facial rejuvenation, and more.