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NYC Hurricane Sandy Mold Crisis Lurking on Long Island, Staten Island, and in the Hamptons Reports a Long Island Mold Removal Company

Residents of Long Island and the rest of New York City have recently started to receive additional assistance and funding from numerous existing and new organizations, emergency services, and non profits.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2013 --Just this month, the Coalition of Hope along with many other volunteers and organizations, recently set up conferences with key government officials, community members, religious organizations, chamber of commerce, and local businesses owners to further discuss the substantial Hurricane Sandy clean up, repair process, and mold removal processes.

Some more promising news in terms of Hurricane Sandy mold cleanup efforts for New York City and outlying areas , the non profit group Make the Road New York helped to organize an anti-mold rally last month to assist residents with gaining more attention, traction, and exposure for additional funding for the serious mold crisis lurking throughout the city. Moreover, the Make the Road New York organization has helped thousands of residents through advising them on the many different mold removal options available while rallying for more support with other official and non profit organizations.

New York City’s Office of Housing Recovery Operations is proactively rallying for more federal funding in forms of grants aside from their recent actions of facilitating funding for mold removal in two thousand NYC homes from the Robin Hood Foundation, the American Red Cross, and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.

With toxic and contaminated mold growing literally on the streets of New York City, how long do resident’s have to continue enduring these unhealthy conditions due to political red tape? To make matters even worse for residents of NYC, a potent allergy season in culmination with the intense heat and humidity from the summer months are further compounding the severity of the mold crisis at hand in New York City and surrounding areas.

As there have been numerous relief efforts, contributions, donations, funding, and support since Hurricane Sandy devastated practically the entire eastern seaboard, the scale of the devastation is apparently still too much for officials to handle eight months later.

Citizens of New York City and surrounding areas whom have tried everything from attending mold removal workshops to conducting the mold removal themselves, and would like to receive more information on professional mold abatement services from certified NYC mold experts, may contact this twenty year veteran of the NYC environmental industries-

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