NYC Law Firm Revamps Website to Attract More Attention


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/30/2019 --Justice is universal but it is also specific. This is what the company, Hurt at Work NYC, stands for. Recently having renewed their website, Hurt at Work NYC is back to defend the injured and disabled. They have been and always will be champions of justice for those who have suffered work-related injuries or diseases that caused them to be incapable of doing work – be it temporarily or permanently.

The reality of an employee falling ill or getting into an accident is common and frequent, especially when their jobs entail danger to some extent. Construction workers can get into workplace mishaps that may result in them being unable to do any physical activity. Medical professionals may come into contact with a dreaded virus or disease while doing field work that may cause them to fall ill as well. A person can perform a perfectly normal job and yet still be exposed to alarming danger. This is what the people behind the NYC company have observed in today's labor force and what they vowed to dedicate their careers to. They invest time, effort, knowledge, and expertise to protect and improve the lives of employees post-incident.

There are many fields of interest a lawyer may immerse himself in. They may dedicate their growth in politics or education. They may choose to handle criminal defense cases. They may also choose to establish a career in business and financial laws. But the professional team chose a path that is foreign to most political science professionals. They choose to stand with the people. They choose to help build better futures for all. Their new website, which had just gone live recently, is a testament to how dedicated and serious they are with what they do.

Who are welcome to try at Hurt at Work NYC's services? Luckily, the company opens its doors for people of all kinds of all places – in New York, that is! After all, it's in the name. One thing that the company highly prides itself in is the specificity of its services. They have experienced lawyers who specialize in every area of New York. If you are from Queens, for example, they will have a Queens' disability lawyer help you out. If you are from the Bronx, they will have a Bronx' disability lawyer take your case. This "geo-specific" approach to case distribution is Hurt at Work NYC's own unique strategy to be able to provide services to clients more efficiently. Certain complexities exist in State Laws that only lawyers with the right experience can address. The folks at recognize this reality and thus, they have created a system that can deal with the discrepancies accordingly.

The new website is equipped with all the right tools and information to accommodate its dear clients' inquiries. On their newly revamped website, employees who are experiencing problems with their disability benefits or seeking legal advice about their work-related accidents may schedule a live chat with one of Hurt at Work NYC's expert lawyers. The company provides legal counsel online; allowing people with too busy schedules to seek help from the comforts of their own home. The Hurt at Work NYC website also boasts its highly informative and regularly updated content that is readily made available to those who are looking for important answers to curious questions. Furthermore, the new website showcases everything one needs to know about the company – their vision, mission, purpose, and services.

The company is also reachable by phone (718-858-6988) and they have several offices open to accommodate clients in New York. These offices are located in Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn (check out their website to view full address). Their team consists of very accommodating professionals who are willing to lend an ear to employees who are having accident or disability-related issues at work. The company's official website domain is People can get in touch with their team via direct phone call, email, form submission, and live chat. Employees who are in need of immediate assistance may also choose to visit them in person in one of their physical offices located in Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn or by visiting

Hurt at Work NYC is one of several law firms that have started to welcome clients through an online office. Their new website may be accessed at any time of the day and is free to visit. Scheduling an appointment and/or soliciting legal advice has become easier for clients thanks to this new and improved website.