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NYC Mold Growth Fast Becoming a Major Health Concern in New York City


New York City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2013 --A New York City mold inspection and mold removal company has recently updated their protocols for mold abatement services to keep up to date with recent changes in laws and regulations in NYC stemming from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy flood waters and Toxic mold damage.

As laws and regulations are constantly amended, keeping up to date with these changes especially for contractors can sometimes be quite a daunting task. With Hurricane Sandy flooding the majority of New York City, toxic mold growth destined to become a major health concern when spring arrived. As reported months ago, the toxic mold pandemic that was apparently on the horizon when warmer weather finally hit NYC, has unfortunately become true. Areas all over NYC, New Jersey, and surrounding areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy flooding are experiencing tremendous mold growth issues that have apparently been migrating to other building and structures close by.

As there have been many efforts from numerous groups, organizations, non-profits, volunteers, businesses and others; people are still having a rough time dealing with the mold issue brewing in New York City. The NYC Mayors Fund and other organizations have been sponsoring mold removal workshops as to take a proactive approach on defending NYC residents against a toxic mold outbreak. Even HomeDepot chipped in providing homeowners with DIY mold removal kits at these specially sponsored and charity funded events.

Due to the strict nature of dealing with hazardous materials and considering the amount of raw sewage and flood waters that saturated and ravaged NYC, officials have been forced to update their guidelines, rules, laws, and regulations on mold removal processes. EntireEnviro, a NYC mold removal company, has recently announced their updated status and acknowledgement of these new guidelines set forth by local, state, and federal governments. This NYC mold remediation company has been serving NYC for roughly ten years, carries professional certification, is a bonded company, licensed, and insured NYC mold inspection and mold abatement company.

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