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NYC Mold Removal Company Announces New Line of Environmentally Friendly Mold Removal Products

NYC Mold Removal Company Announces New Line of Natural, Organic, and Environmentally Friendly Mold Removal Products To Their Arsenal


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/18/2013 --In a move that will be of great interest to tenants and landlords, Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. has launched a new product line designed to completely eliminate the menace posed by molds. The new product line offers solutions to persistent molds that have for a long time resisted all efforts to remove them even by the so called experts in mold removal. This new product line is designed to ensure that the process of mold removal right from the beginning to the end takes a very short time frame and therefore minimal inconveniences to the home-infested occupants.

Environmentalists will also find this the greatest news of the recent times as the mold elimination product launched by Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. uses the unique ability of natural and organic substances to eliminate toxic mold. This means that there is no form of environmental pollution when the new mold elimination product line is being applied. This is in sharp contrast to the traditional mold elimination processes that have been in use for a long time and are known to introduce dangerous substances into the ecosystem and therefore posing significant health risks.

Armed with years of experience in mold eradication and a well trained and equipped workforce, Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. combines the dedication of its workers and the strong nature of the new product line to ensure that there is no possibility of the molds resurfacing again in the future. The new product line is set to provide permanent solutions to molds as opposed to the normally available mold removal processes whereby molds grow just a short period after they were removed.

The process of mold removal in this new product line involves experts coming to the mold infested homes and taking both air and surface samples. Apart from visual inspection of the homes, the experts also use infrared cameras to assess the exact source of the molds by observing the moisture patterns. The samples obtained are then taken to a high-tech lab with modern equipment from where the exact type of mold can be determined. After the process of identifying the species of mold in the home is completed, the appropriate dose of the new product line can be administered and therefore ensuring that the mold is eradicated without a possibility of ever resurfacing again.

With this new product line, Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. has made it possible for home owners to resell their properties at the appropriate market values without chasing away potential buyers as a result of a mold infestation.

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