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Oaktree Partnership Offers Commercial Property in Norwich with Get-out Clause

Oaktree Partnership offers commercial property in Norwich on Charles Watling Way and includes a kitchen with breakroom and parking area.


Wymondham, Norfolk -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2013 --Oaktree Partnership is offering commercial property in Norwich off Barnard Road and within the Bowthorpe business area. The unit is spacious with approximately 2,500 square feet of floor space. Services are available to have the facility refurbished and upgraded to fit a specific industry specialty and line of work. A six month flexible rental clause comes with the lease that allows tenants to provide a written notice of their intent to vacate the first day of the month.

Without a maintenance support service agreement, tenants must make sure the property passes health and safety regulations and code. They must provide carpeting if desired and service water heaters, heating & air systems, and alarm. Water, gas, and electricity utilities are the responsibilities of the renter and must be paid monthly. Oaktree management company covers all those services in a maintenance contract with commercial property in Norwich leasing agreement.

Oaktree will agree to upkeep of the building exterior, including the roof, decoration, foundation and drainage. The wall, lighting and gardens responsibilities are equally shared between the management company and occupant. The commercial property in Norwich is private owned by and well maintained year round, It is ready for showing immediately and can receive fixture modification at an additional cost.

A spokesperson with the company said, “The unit includes enough floor space to contain equipment, machinery, workers and offices. There is a kitchen to use as a break room for lunch and mid-morning & afternoon breaks.”

About Oaktree Partnership
Oaktree Partnership is a family owned property management company and leasing firm in Wymondham, Norfolk. To see the property online and request for information, visit their website or call 01953 600051.