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Oat Foundry, LLC Highlighted as Featured Artisan on Amazon Handmade


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2015 --With the launch of its new Amazon Handmade marketplace, select artisans and designers have been given the opportunity to use Amazon's powerful retail platform to showcase wares made in the spirit of sustainability, resourcefulness, and imagination. The invite-only program allows for small-batch creators to expand their customer base while keeping their unique processes and design aesthetics; this makes high-quality handmade items accessible to a greater customer base while encouraging local production. Oat Foundry, a Philadelphia-based agency of engineers, tinkerers, inventors and innovators, has recently been highlighted as an Amazon Handmade Featured Artisan, shortly following its induction as a Handmade Launch Partner.

Founded just outside of Philadelphia by a group of engineers who loved building cool stuff, Oat Foundry has since grown into a full-fledged agency working on projects that range from proprietary restaurant technology to hand-crafted furniture and custom-made signage. The engineering agency lists TEDxPhiladelphia, Saxby's Coffee, Sweet Note Bakery, and the Philly Pretzel Factory amongst current and former clients, each of which approached it seeking a creative solution to a design or production concept.

With a wide range of capabilities, Oat Foundry provides services that include custom and rapid product prototyping, custom machining, woodworking, and 3D design - a one-stop-shop for bringing the cool ideas of brands and companies to life. While actively accepting new clients, they have also channeled their creative spirits into a line of unique, made-to-order furniture; the agency's Amazon Handmade product page features select salvaged-wood creations, created with the aim of seamlessly merging human design and the intrinsic artistry of nature.

Along with its recognition as an Amazon Handmade Featured Artisan, Oat Foundry has also been featured on ABC News, and was recently invited to join the community of Martha Stewart Makers as part of Amazon's partnership with Martha Stewart #MadeInAmerica.

Oat Foundry invites curious onlookers, individuals seeking conversation-piece furniture, and businesses looking for customized technology to enhance customer experience to visit http://www.oatfoundry.com to learn more about the company's ethos and design process. Check out the Oat Foundry Handmade page at http://www.amazon.com/handmade/Oat-Foundry to browse beautiful, functional furniture from the agency.

About Oat Foundry
Oat Foundry was formed just outside of Philadelphia by a group of like-minded engineers who shared a passion for all things inventive, from beer brewing to mechanics and fabrication. Now a design agency operating just outside of Philadelphia, PA, with clients that include Saxbys Coffee and TEDxPhiladelphia, Oat Foundry works with brands, firms, growing and established companies, and agencies to design technology that solves production problems, delights customers, and engages audiences, all while staying on-brand, and on-message.

Recognizing the importance of merging form and function, Oat Foundry prides itself on keeping imagination in engineering - with the motto "We Build Cool Stuff", clients will find the company's wide array of capabilities in the arenas of custom and rapid prototyping, 3D design, custom machining, and more, perfectly suited for any design project.

As an end-to-end agency, Oat Foundry works with clients from the inception of "cool idea", translating their scribbled sketches and flashes of genius into "cool concepts", then executes the fabrication of "cool prototype" and final manufacture of "cool product".

To learn more about the unique capabilities of Oat Foundry, view a portfolio of completed projects, or contact the guys about a cool project, visit oatfoundry.com.