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ObjectWave Corp.’s Mobile E-Ticketing System targeting Vacant Lot Owners Implemented by the City of Chicago

New mobile ticketing application expected to result in higher compliance of vacant lot owners and reduction of fly dumping


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/02/2011 -- Today, the software engineering firm, ObjectWave Corporation, announced the City of Chicago’s launch of Mobile Electronic Ticketing System (MET/LOTS) for vacant lot owners. The new system is now in use by over 125 Department of Streets and Sanitation ward superintendents and refuse collection coordinators.

The new system divides work between field staff that identify violations and clean the lots and code enforcement staff that use a website to determine ownership and issue tickets. Field staff identify violations using the mobile application MET on Blackberrys, to record field notes, pictures and GPS coordinates. Information collected on the Blackberry is then sent to the E-Ticket database. A number of web services are used including a reverse geocode service to provide an address to validate GPS coordinates precision.

Once the property owner has been identified, an electronic ticket is issued and an electronic record of the violation and supporting documentation is created in the system. A hearing is scheduled and enforcement action begins.

Larry Hanson, Deputy CIO, for the City’s Department of Innovation and Technology, adds: “Through the use of technology, the City of Chicago is doing more with less. By enhancing our existing technology, we are increasing the code enforcement of vacant buildings, which will result in cleaner and safer neighborhoods throughout Chicago."

Sam Cinquegrani, Founder and CEO, adds: "We're excited to have been selected to create a system which is inexpensive to use and has brought a high level of compliance by using mobile technology to change the way the City targets scofflaws."

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