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Obtain Bankruptcy Records Within 24 Hours Through App

Bankruptcy Sleuth's app allows users to obtain bankruptcy records for $14.95.


St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2015 --A new app from St. Louis-based Bankruptcy Sleuth allows users to obtain bankruptcy records quickly for $14.95.

Bankruptcy Sleuth is a service that provides bankruptcy records from bankruptcy cases filed after January 1, 2003. Through Bankruptcy Sleuth's app, users can quickly search for bankruptcy records for anyone believed to have file for bankruptcy, including next-door neighbors, family members or companies.

Records are sent within 24 hours of the request. The search is confidential, so the individual or company the user is searching for will not be notified of the request.

If the person or company has filed for bankruptcy, the user will receive a detailed list of the debtor's assets and liabilities and a statement of their financial affairs. Users will also receive a discharge order if applicable.

Bankruptcy Sleuth recently published a sample filing to give users an example of what they'll receive for $14.95. Along with this sample filing, they also included information to help users determine what they are looking at in the documents. They have included information about the petition, the summary of schedules, the statement of financial affairs and the discharge order on their website.

About Bankruptcy Sleuth
Bankruptcy Sleuth provides bankruptcy records quickly and confidentially from cases filed after January 1, 2003 for $14.95. Satisfy your curiosity and start searching today.