OceanFlyt Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign via Fundable to Deliver Safe Educational Coral Reef Adventure

Accredited investors are invited to inspect a unique investment opportunity offered by OceanFlyt in sync with the $7 trillion global tourism industry.


Kaneohe, HI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2016 --The underwater world has always been a subject of curiosity and even wonder among people all over the world. Regardless of age, many people are extremely keen to experience a coral reef and learn about the beautiful creatures that live there.

However, popular water sport activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving are not suitable for most, particularly young children as well as the elderly. OceanFlyt offers a safe alternative for everyone from eight to eighty to enjoy a coral reef experience. The advanced OceanFlyt technology also provides information about the marine creatures in the native language of the travellers.

In order to deliver an improved underwater adventure experience, OceanFlyt has recently created the revolutionary Dolphinaire. It floats on the water surface. The passengers remain fully submerged, holding on to the Dolphinaire as it pulls them gently over and above the coral reef. Equipped with full face dive masks, they are able to breathe normally, through both nose and mouth.

OceanFlyt has already completed the development of the Dolphinaire prototype and completed several rounds of tests involving people of all ages and abilities. The market survey conducted by the company has revealed a very large market demand for OceanFlyt. Other key tasks completed by the team include:

- Commercial equipment design
- Patent application
- Selection of locations for global rollout
- Initiation of negotiations with the potential operating partners
- Environmental approval.

About Richard A Heaton
Company founder Richard A Heaton is a graduate mechanical and electrical engineer with 20 patents and 20 years experience in development of resort hotel amenities. Marketing consultant Thomas a. Laidlaw has over forty years executive experience in marketing and operating tourist activities in Hawaii. Highlighting the new underwater technology created by OceanFlyt, they said, "Existing underwater technologies are only suited to the physical abilities of a small percentage of average people. OceanFlyt can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages and physical abilities. The new technology broadens the market tenfold."

OceanFlyt has recently started an equity crowdfunding campaign via Fundable to raise the necessary funding for their current venture from accredited investors.

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