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OCTOPI Managed Services Inc.- A Canadian Re-Seller of Geo-IP Filter, PacketViper

"Octopi has a powerful new ally in the war on cyber-crime and cyber-espionage," says Ian Trump, Chief Technical Officer at Octopi Managed Services Inc.


West Mifflin, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2013 --PacketViper, is a new generation of Geo-IP network filter, which allows clients to block or filter any country's access into your network or service, providing real-time protection from foreign and domestic threats. Octopi Managed Services is the Canadian re-seller of this exciting and revolutionary product.

"It's simple to use, provides an unparalleled experience to the user; it just uses a clickable map, and customized protection is at your fingertips," Mr. Trump explains.

Deployment and configuration takes only minutes; PacketViper hardens and improves network security, giving another powerful tool in the toolbox against unwanted network traffic. Although there are other products on the market that can block countries, PacketViper can be fine-tuned to focus on ports as well. "It's precision protection instead of a shot-gun approach to network security. As a small medium business, you may want everyone to visit your website, but maybe you only want IPs from North America to be able to reach your Outlook Web Access or Virtual Private Networking access point. Reduce the risk by controlling and dropping traffic that should not be arriving at your network services," explains Mr. Trump.

PacketViper is scalable, can run on a dedicated appliance, or as a software solution. It works with precision; it can block an entire country, giving a customizable solution to any corporation or business with international ties, or aspirations. Cybercrime and Cyber Espionage are a global problem requiring a global solution. PacketViper allows everyone, from the individual, to the multi-national corporation to think globally about protection.

"If your organization has no business reason to send or receive network traffic to destinations outside your market area, why does your firewall accept this traffic?" Many PacketViper customers are sleeping better at night knowing that if they get infected by something that makes it past the anti-virus the Packet Viper will alert to the traffic and drop the connection. "It's probably not a good thing if your internal network starts trying to send traffic to Iran at 3:00 in the morning," says Mr. Trump. PacketViper prevents and alerts to a scenario like this and can really save the day. "It's a perfect blend of Firewall technologies and business requirements; it makes sense to drop traffic that should not be there in the first place."

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Viper Network Systems, LLC has set a goal to be the world leader in Geo-IP filtering, network location, allocation, and reputation information and to develop products using this information to reduce Internet threats. PacketViper was developed as Viper Network Systems' flagship product to prevent attacks, reduce global network threats, add an additional layer of security, save bandwidth, and decrease spam. Using patent pending technologies, PacketViper is affordable and simple to use. Privately held, Viper Network Systems is headquartered in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA. For more information, visit,, follow us on Twitter at, on other popular social networks or call 1.855.758.4737 (toll-free U.S. and Canada)