ODI TV Provides Legal Access to Unauthorized TV


Fort Pierce, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2015 --ODI TV, (On Demand Internet Television), has found a way to legally stream unauthorized content from the Internet via their Set top streaming media hubs or USB thumb drives. They are launching a Crowdfunding campaign on August 4th on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The latest and controversial entry into the world of online streaming television services, ODI TV LLC provides a subscription based service ($29/mo) that provides consumers with legal access to every movie and TV show ever made, including new in theater releases, the latest episodes of all TV shows without commercials and all sports telecasts worldwide with no blackouts.

Their streaming media hubs are programmed to access content already placed and found on the Internet, including unauthorized content that is legal for consumers to only watch in the privacy of their home. No uploading or downloading involved is what makes it legal. The company also has developed a USB Stick, ODITV2go that is their mobile version for PCs and laptops that also provides easy and safe access to Internet TV. They are raising money via crowdfunding to help to further develop their platform.

Started in 2014 under the name Brilliant TV, as a seller of set top streaming media hubs, the company re-branded and changed their business model to a subscription service in 2015 under ODI TV. Jobe Scott, managing partner, can be reached at jobescott@oditv.com or 888-665-1130