OHOM Titanium Chopsticks Are Beautiful, Effective and Built to Last


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2019 --Chopsticks are commonly used by people all over the world, and the new OHOM titanium chopsticks aim to be the best chopsticks users will ever own. Manufactured using an innovative process of making crystallized titanium, these chopsticks are virtually indestructible. Even under heavy use from day to day, these chopsticks are designed to withstand the test of time.

The chopsticks are available in eight color finishes to suit the user's preference. Unlike standard titanium chopsticks, which can scratch easily when colored, crystallized titanium chopsticks are far more resistant, helping them keep their beauty for as long as possible.

The tips of the chopsticks are laser-engraved. This gives the smooth surface a bit of extra gripping power, making it easy to pick up even the most challenging foods. The chopsticks are bacteria-resistant as well, adding to their power of longevity. They are easy to clean in the sink or dishwasher as needed. The smooth surface simply wipes clean.

Because the crystallized titanium material is so long-lasting, it is environmentally friendly. Users won't need to replace their chopsticks frequently, preventing packaging and used chopsticks from ending up in landfills. With a single purchase, users can enjoy their beautifully crafted chopsticks for many years, or even decades.

In addition to the chopsticks, the creators of this product are also developing a crystallized titanium BOBA straw as a companion item. In addition to bubble tea, the straw is great for drinking smoothies and a wide range of other beverages.

To help get these products in the hands of customers around the world, the creators plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in the near future. The campaign will have a modest funding goal of just $2,500, so the campaign has a high chance of reaching its goal. The product is already fully designed and tested. As a result, the funding will go toward the production of the first batch, as well as shipping those products out to customers.

Those who contribute to the campaign in its earliest days can get the BOBA straw for $15, the chopsticks for $18, or a combo pack, including the BOBA straw, chopsticks and a carrying case for $39. Once the early-bird offers have been exhausted, the Indiegogo prices will go up. Backers can expect to receive the products in September 2019.