Olmose Takes Unused Smartphones and Recycles Them Into the Ultimate Home Security System


Liege, Belgium -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2016 --Olmose, the revolutionary new home security system that uses recycles smartphones to enable video monitoring, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring their project to life.

Olmose is an effective and easy-to-use video surveillance security system that allows users to keep a close watch on what matters the most to them wherever they are. Based on the idea of combining unused devices with high technology, Olmose enables users to record, monitor and get notifications if necessary. It is a smart security system designed to achieve the lowest possible cost.

Olmose is two part system that communicate seamlessly between a recycled phone and your current one. The first part is known as The Olmose Guardian, an app you install onto an unused smartphone and turn it into an authentic security Guardian equipped with the latest technology. Secondly, The Olmose Remote app, an app users install onto their new and current smartphone in order to turn it into a remote control for your Guardian. Combined the two make for the ultimate home security system. The Olmose Remote is used to wireless view all activity transmitted by the Olmose Guardian.

Through the Olmose Remote, users will be able to select and view a Guardian, activate/deactivate the surveillance mode/ the alarm system, view the history, check the identity of anyone passing within the camera's field of view, and get notifications based on predetermined criteria. The Olmose Remote ensures users are never without a watchful eye on their personal belongings.

The Olmose app is based on the dual motion/sound detection of the cellphone in order to detect any alarm situations. This detection is reliable but is still likely to trigger unwanted alarms in some cases where both video and audio detections are conducted simultaneously such as a storm, the headlights of a car passing by too close, or fireworks.

To avoid any false alarms and reinforce the reliability of the system, Olmose has created the Dog Station ;a compact and practical device that not only acts as a stand and a charging station for the Guardian but which is also able to detect any kind of suspicious movement, including at night, thanks to its infra-red sensors. This audio video/infra-red detection is quite unique and it is precisely what makes the Olmose alarm system one of the most reliable on the market

The Olmose Home Security System starts at $22 on Kickstarter for early backers with multiple licenses available at an additional cost.

The Olmose Home Security System is now live and available for purchase on Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/olmose/olmose-reuse-technology-for-your-security

About Olsmose
Olmose is a Belgium-based company focused on using technology to make consumers lives safer. Their first product, the OLMOSE Home Security System is a reliable and easy-to-use home security mobile app that reuses unused smartphones and turn them into complete video surveillance system.

For more information on Olmose visit: http://www.olmose.com