E Trustee Counselor

Omaha Estate Attorneys Provide Helpful Tips on Handling Probate and Estate Planning

E Trustee Counselors provide a breakdown of the estate planning and probate process with a faith-based approach focused on family well-being


Omaha, NE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2014 --E Trustee Counselors Attorneys Rodney Halstead and Stephen Schmidt realize that navigating estate planning, tax law and handling the probate process can be confusing and complicated. Many may think there is little choice when wishing to confidently leave a lifetime of accumulated wealth and benefits to family members and loved ones. Making the proper arrangements with the help of trustworthy counselors is an ideal way to navigate around the costly, extensive probate process and reach a happy solution to estate-planning goals.

In brief, probate refers to both the court and the process that applies to those who cannot make personal, healthcare and financial decisions based on a few simple criteria. Generally, those who would fall under the limits of most states’ probate processes are minors under 18 years of age, adults incapacitated due to medical condition or advanced age, and those who’ve died without making legal arrangements that enable the expensive and time-consuming probate process to be avoided for their heirs. Probate proceedings also yield public records, which is unacceptable to many who prefer to keep their family life private. In addition to the probate process there are many complicated tax laws to consider when estate planning commences.

E Trustee Counselors remain committed to serving those who are embarking on the estate planning process with a dedication and sense of purpose granted by faith. As Christian attorneys, Halstead and Schmidt provide counseling based on tenets of honesty, discipline and the intention of helping their clients meet their specific needs and goals with care and determination. Clients can expect to be treated fairly and honestly, to have the professional relationship held in great esteem, to be fully educated about each subject with which assistance is needed, and to be encouraged to make intentional decisions that help accomplish as much as possible during the process. The firm of Christian lawyers offers Probate Attorney services, Estate Lawyer services, Elder Law and Asset Protection services. Call (888) 262-3251 for a free consultation, or visit them online at www.etrusteecounselor.com