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Omicron Solutions' HALO Multi-Layered IT Support System Proves Essential for More Businesses Today


St Albans, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2020 --IT support services and managed IT support are crucial for any modern business to survive and thrive, and the right support allows businesses to stay as versatile, flexible and organised as possible. This is something that Omicron Solutions fully understands, which is why it has developed HALO, a multiple-layered IT support system which has already proven its advantages for numerous clients today.

Managed IT services and IT support services may be offered by numerous companies in the UK, but only one can truly say that it has gone above and beyond what its customers expect. Omicron Solutions has been around for a long time, since 1993, in fact, and it has already established a solid reputation as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking managed IT and IT support service providers in the country.

Omicron's innovative approach allows it to offer the most hands-on managed IT and IT support services for its clients, where problems and issues are addressed before they become noticeable, and where solutions are available at the click of a button. The Omicron company is based in Hertfordshire's St. Albans, and it proudly specialises in all the various aspects of IT, be it support, a complex solution involving different networks, or even just a single personal computer.

Omicron's goal and focus are not just to provide IT support – it is primarily geared towards helping clients succeed simply by aligning its own services with the client's changing business requirements and models. That being said, Omicron offers a singular solution and IT support system as well: HALO, which is a revolutionary IT support system developed by Omicron that makes an entire collection or range of systems simpler and less complex and tailored towards a particular business' needs. The HALO system involves full auditing at the beginning, and it also addresses alignment by helping Omicron stabilise as well as secure a client's entire system with the installation of highly-relevant solutions for IT, including patches, security updates, and upgrades.

Omicron's HALO system also takes care of linking, and Omicron makes it a point to differentiate itself from other IT support service providers by integrating its helpdesk staff with clients, which results in uninterrupted and much smoother business operations. Numerous businesses have already taken advantage of Omicron's expertise and have taken the HALO system on-board, which further proves its usefulness and relevance.

About Omicron
Omicron has become a leader in IT support services and managed IT services, with its expertise and excellent reputation growing year by year. The company offers superior IT support systems and services for clients in different sectors, and it does this through its own HALO support system as well. For further essential details on its managed IT services, visit the Omicron website.