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Omni Veil Announces the Launch of Digital Network


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2020 --Today, Omni Veil Inc announced a new and unique Mobile Digital Communication Network. Company President, Michele Bedwell revealed that this network was developed and tested as their top digital marketing development program over the last three years.

The results did not disappoint.

OMNI VEIL uses mobile application, Bluetooth and WiFi in concert to allow users to distribute notifications to virtually any mobile smartphone. The OMNI VEIL network has multiple components using a combination of Smart Antennas, Beacon Technology, and WiFi. They are capable of sending notifications to consumers via their mobile phones. OMNI VEIL has created a 24/7 interactive mobile machine that is the next generation of marketing and messaging according to Bedwell.

Until now, marketing to cell phones has been a hit and miss process that required the recipient to load an 'app' on their phones to receive sales and safety messages. OMNI VEIL has overcome that limitation.

The system also incorporates emergency mobile messaging alerts tailored for corporate security at hotels and event sites, as well as emergency traffic alerts for travelers. The system can be personalized to any stationary or mobile security alert setting. The dual-use system offers users a security alert platform that can pay for itself through its integral marketing capability.

Mobile beta testing was analyzed during a recent 30-day proof of concept run throughout the greater Las Vegas area. Several businesses participated with various offers delivered to smart devices via the OMNI VEIL network. The response and reach of the network provided data metrics for OMNI VEIL and clients leading them to begin expansion into other major markets. This initiative will likely show major companies a means of custom targeting their message at a much lower cost per delivery than current marketing platforms.

For sponsor/advertising opportunities of this new digital network, we have exclusively contracted with Omni Veil's sister company, Hi-Tek Media in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Contact: Lacy Ramon

About The Omni Veil
The Omni Veil is a 24/7 digital network based in Las Vegas, NV. The network sends out instant traffic notifications, safety messages and branded content for all mobile users. The revolution of the mobile machine's Bluetooth, WiFI and Application technologies was developed to keep the public notified, consider first responders safety and modernize the way businesses advertise in real-time.