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Omnipure Water Filter's Necessity Is Increased Due to Government Actions

Omnipure water filter systems are engineered to be leak-proof while improving the taste and quality of water. The quality of a household’s water is increasingly becoming homeowners’ own responsibility, with increased negligence from the government. The Trump Administration’s pick for EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, now has complete control over Clean Water Act determinations, according to a recently leaked memo. This week the Flint water crisis that resulted from government negligence in 2014 is also reemerging in the public eye. To learn more about this issue, The Chester Paul Company can help you at 1650 Victory Blvd, Glendale, CA 91201 (323-245-3761).


Glendale, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2018 --Households need to be skeptical of their tap water, and adopt solutions like Omnipure water filter. The Clean Water Act was amended in 1972 to establish basic standards for cleanliness in public waters, with the intention to keep harmful pollutants out of the water. However, the Trump Administration has made clear their disregard for the EPA, with the latest evidence in Scott Pruitt's attempt to rewrite the Clean Water Act. With this being said, residents need to invest in high quality filters. Omnipure water filter has set the industry standard for 30 years, and ensures better water quality and taste.

Water treatment systems like the Omnipure water filter prevent water-related illness due to government disregard. To further underscore the importance of personal water responsibility, the town of Flint has announced this week that it will be ending it's bottled water program. They began this program in 2014 after the Flint River, the town's water source, was found to contain unsafe levels of lead after several deaths in the town related to lead poisoning. To keep your family safe, invest on water filters today! Omnipure water filter leads the conversation in engineering clean water solutions.

The Omnipure water filter, coupled with other drinking water systems, help households ensure that their water is high quality. The public does not need to panic over news stories, but simply make an effort to be mindful about the cleanliness of their own water. Omnipure water filter is easy to install and helps you feel at ease when consuming water on a daily basis.

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