TCO Topcodersonline

On-line Scanners: An Innovative Way To Protect Your Website Against Hackers!


Bridgeport, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2009 -- Marcin Kozlowski, founder of TCO Topcodersonline, an IT Consulting company, announces his newest venture , "Joomla Scanner" at

Joomla is one of the most popular Open Source CMS systems commonly used by businesses to establish their online presence on the Internet. Unfortunately, without proper security checks and controls, these websites will most likely become vulnerable to hacker attacks. Small and midsize businesses used to withhold taking proper security precautions because they thought they were too small of a company to be targeted by hackers. However, small businesses now realize that they are just as vulnerable to worms, spam and other random cyber plagues as large enterprises.

According to 2008 Data Breach Investigations report by Verizon Business, most site attacks take almost little to no effort to break in. In fact, Verizon concludes that 3% require no special skills or resources and can be done by the average user; 52% require a low amount of skill set. "This is the reality. I am glad Verizon published these numbers, so that people are aware how easy it is to hack into a computer system. If you don't take any steps to secure your websites, you will eventually get compromised. You have the choice between guaranteed small loss and cost of prevention, versus a potentially large loss, which is a result of the breach.”, said Kozlowski.

TCO, Topcodersonline, plans to release additional online scanners that help small businesses protect themselves against hackers. One such successful scanner is Powerfuzzer, which was featured as an effective and proven solution in the "Securing PHP Web Applications" book by Tricia Ballad and William Ballad Addison. It is listed on the NIST SAMATE project page. Kozlowski hopes that the scanners he provides will be an easy way for businesses to secure their website, since it does not require installing additional software and simulates a real life attack scenario that "bad guys" would typically perform. "These tools are not perfect. They are just tools. However, I am confident they will enhance your website security with the best ROI. Don't forget that security isn't a onetime thing, it's a continuous process." said Kozlowski.

TCO Topcodersonline scanners offer free scanning for non-profit organizations and educational facilities. Kozlowski hopes this is one way that he can give back to the community.