One-of-a-Kind Origami Swan Sculptures from South African Artist Show Art Has Everyday Use


Lausanne, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2019 --What can one person do in six hours? In the time it takes most people to sleep or take a transcontinental flight, South African-born artist Morongwe Mokone, otherwise known as "Mo," measures, cuts, folds and then, piece by piece, tucks each little triangle into a three-dimensional, origami paper sculpture of a swan. She then glazes it and seals the entire sculpture together, which customers at her fairs and shows are only too happy to marvel at and buy for their home, used as ornamental decorations and even plant holders.

More often than not, prospective customers and craft-hunters stumble upon Mo's delicate but durable swan sculpture creations and can't believe they're made out of paper. The high-gloss, high-fidelity sculptures transform paper into a unit that is strong enough to be bonded together for everyday use. Much like building blocks or Lego pieces, each painstakingly cut, folded and fitted triangle shows how the sum of the parts — in this case, Mo's incredibly refined process — is often greater than the whole.

But that's not to say the idea — or the finished product — is not a lovely sight to behold, in and of itself. In fact, the construction of the swans themselves calls for more than nimble dexterity. What they demand is Mo's signature creativity, as she works with a basic shape but adds variation through a cornucopia of colors or by adding a looped basket handle, also crafted from origami paper.

So far, Mo has been selling and showing these one-of-a-kind pieces at craft fairs and shows, but the artist is now moving on to a new challenge. Rising to Kickstarter's own "Make 100" project, Mo is dedicating her crowdfunding campaign toward the formation of 100 swan sculptures. The proceeds of the campaign go primarily into feeling her next exhibition but also support the artist as she pours in her love, time, creativity and craftwork into the creation of these works of art.

The Kickstarter campaign has five pledge levels, and the tiers offer backers their own handmade origami sculpture. This initiative has 26 days left to go and has a modest goal. At the CHF 45 level, backers can expect at least one origami sculpture, though there are only 23 left of the 25 offered. The next level of reward offers backers a handmade sculpture that can be customized and personalized, at CHF 65. For CHF 150, backers will receive a trio of customizable sculptures. Intricate and incredible to behold, these sweet swan sculptures may just disguise themselves as utensil holders, plant holders and even stationary holders in the homes and offices of her customers around the world.