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One of the Most Exciting Backpacks with an R9 Wallet Has Been Launched on Indiegogo

BASICS has gained worldwide attention for their ultimate Crossover Backpack and R9 Wallet.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2016 --One of the most exciting crowdfunding campaigns of 2016 has been launched on Indiegogo by an innovative technology company that provides solutions for everyday life. BASICS, which has gained a reputation for going beyond the imagination of designers and manufactures by producing unique products that excite is making two of their new products available on the popular crowdfunding platform with a discount.

The first product the company is making available on Indiegogo is the BASICS Crossover Backpack, which has been described as one of the most exciting backpacks on the market. Unlike other backpacks that are outdated, BASICS has looked at what people require in the modern world and produced a backpack that allows them to carry essentials for work, sports, travel or school.

A spokesman for BASICS said: "We are constantly on the move to be somewhere, let it be to work, the GYM, or for travel. In most instances, we take along a few key essentials to help us face the challenges at our destination. We all need a helping hand & it's the first companion we seek on all such journeys. A trusted & reliable partner, our bag."

The Crossover Bag, which has 15 features and combines the best features of a duffel bag and a backpack is made from quality and durable weatherproof materials and is designed to not only provide people with everything they need from a bag but to look great too.

The modern backpack allows the user to have quick access to everything they need that is stored in the bag. That includes providing a pocket that can carry a metro card and a secure pocket for a mobile. The expandable bag that gives people even more added space has a compartment for shoes, a water bottle, and has storage solutions for small and large items including a power bank and a laptop. The designers have even come up with a secret secure pocket. If that was not enough, it even has an external USB charging solution.

With the many different pockets and the items it can hold it would be logical to think that the Crossover Bag would be too big to be taken on a plane as hand luggage, but it can. The designers have made sure that people going on holiday save money and don't have to pay extra for their luggage by making the travel bag the size of a cabin bag.

Top 20 Features
1. YKK Zippers for durability
2. Water Proofing Materials
3. Quick Access Pocket
4. Hidden Pocket
5. 2-Way Roller Bag Sleeve
6. Separate Ventilated Shoe Compartment
7. External USB Charging
8. Road Safety, Large Reflective Strips
9. Expandable for additional storage, 6L
10. Water Bottle Holders
11. External Cord to hold & secure light items
12. Public Transport Card Holder
13. Hands-free Mobile Phone Holder
14. Ventilated Back Panel
15. Laptop (15") and Tablet (11") Pockets
16. Padded interior pockets for security
17. Additional zipped pockets
18. Keychain snap hook
19. Full 180-degree access to main compartment
20. Lockable compartments for peace of mind

The Crossover backpack is currently available on the crowdfunding platform from only $115, providing a big discount on the retail price. To compliment the backpack, the innovative company is also offering their R9 Wallet that allows people to keep their items secure and avoid being a victim of cybercrime.

The stylish R9 Wallet uses modern technology to block criminals attempting to steal data from cards that are being carried in the wallet, forcing the cyber criminals to move onto the next victim who is not RFID Protected.

To learn more about the R9 Wallet and to learn more about the Crossover backpack, please visit

BASICS is a company that provides solutions to modern problems in the 21st century. They provide stylish and useful products that make lives better.