One of the Top 3 Digital Currency Exchanges ZB Shows Its Powerful Community Function of APP


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2020, as the world's leading digital asset trading platform, during the seven years of steady operation since its establishment in 2013, users have spread all over the world. According to statistics, the number of users exceeds 10 million, and the average daily transaction volume is more than 3 billion dollars. provides the services such as digital currency transaction, legal currency transaction, leveraged transaction, mortgage loan, coin mining. has 7 years of experience in digital asset financial services and have a financial-level security system with multi-layer, multi-cluster system architecture and anti-DDOS attack system. covers multiple terminals?such as Web, PC Web, iOS/Android mobile client, H5 mobile terminal. It also has 24/7 online professional customer service.

At present, building the integration of trading communities is the goal of most exchanges, because stabilizing the community can stabilize transactions. Users can find potential projects in the platform ecology faster than others, use the priority assets in your hands to achieve maximum resource integration, and find a more friendly investment target. The project party can recommend their own business model according to the community operation rules and create products and services that are popular among users. There is no threshold for building a community, everyone can do it. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to build it because of the limited number of people in the digital currency trading circle.

In November 2019, released a new version v4.0 App after research and development. The new version of App v4.0 has improved more than 60 functions of the original old version APP and added 8 new functions. In addition to upgrading the content of visual interaction, this version added community chat function, social communication and the module that can makes users to send encrypted red envelope. it makes communication between users to be more convenient, users can chat with each other in real time or send cryptocurrency red envelopes. Its function is like WeChat. The project party can use red envelopes to promote activities, and users can share transactions to the community or generate posters to share on WeChat Moments.

Users can communicate with each other and speak freely in the community. A lot of inside information can be seen by users. The content is relatively new and updated quickly. Every day, we can learn a lot of new knowledge about bitcoin and blockchain technical, find trading friends and the way of solving our problem. For, the addition of community functions not only provides users with a relatively free corner for knowledge exchange, but also can play the long-tail value of traffic. The IM group chat in the digital currency circle similar to "WeChat" realize one-to-one consulting service between customer service and users?it also opened a C2C fast transaction channel to make user transactions more efficient, and community users can participate in the ecological construction of in an immersive way. took 7 days to test this function. Statistics show that during the public beta, 163 communities were quickly established with a total of more than 87,000 people. Within half a month, delivered more than 100,000 encrypted red envelopes of ZB to various communities?this measure has resulted in an increase in the average length of stay of users several times. In APP?All daily average messages of groups are more than 99. So far, there are more than 6,000 communities established by APP, with more than 200,000 active chat users.

The powerful community function indicates that ZB is building the world's first social network service digital currency trading platform. Successfully building community is a major feature that distinguishes from other top exchanges. has received unanimous praise from users for its safe, easy-to-use, and unique instant messaging community-based transactions.