One Tale Uncovers the Truth About the Three Wise Men

This time of year, the tale of the three wise men arises, and with it the typical interrogatories. To answer these questions is And When They Were Come unto the House by David Lee Crites.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2016 --With Christmas just around the corner, the tale of the three wise men is bound to be retold. Towns around the world will put on their local rendition of the story in a play, and with this newfound exposure, people will do what they always do: question. They will sit and ask themselves about the origins of the three men and their ability to travel so quickly. Sadly, these inspective wonderers will be disappointed to find no concrete answer. This is where David Lee Crites' latest book titled And When They Were Come unto the House fills its niche. With a fictionally-framed, but historically-based narrative, he remains unimposing while detailing the answers to the troubling questions raised by the tail of the three wise men.

This style of writing leads to a variety of interesting qualities. The book itself is written as a narrative and is easily digestible, separating And When They Were Come unto the House from the dull and weighty analysis that plagues written religious theory. Instead the novel keeps the reader enthralled through a cast of relatable characters paired with brilliant imagery. Even though the argument put forth by the book is not as formal as others, it provides a plot which could easily be the truth, allowing readers insight into the real story of Christ's birth. Within the book, readers will find every question from "Why December 25th?" to "Did the men even exist?" answered.

Unfortunately, there is one resource holding And When They Were Come unto the House back from enlightening every household this Christmas: funding. To remedy this issue, Author David Lee Crites has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Patrons will be treated to anything from a spot on Crites' website to a club/group book discussion via Skype. With the support of readers Crites hopes to bring the invigorating true story of the birth of Jesus Christ to every home.

About And When They Were Come unto the House
David Lee Crites was set on a path to write And When They Were Come unto the House since a presentation he gave in 1980. The chat was aimed at "The Real Story of Christmas", and fans demanded a full written version. So Crites got to work; unfortunately, he was discouraged by the criticism he feared he would face. Eventually he pushed through his fears after accepting a family member's suggestion that he frame it as a historical fiction. Thus, And When They Were Come unto the House was born.

To learn more or support the book visit the Kickstarter campaign page. Additionally, the first twenty-three pages are available for preview on the Amazon selling page.