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OneSafeBox Announces Name Change to OneSafe

Excitement is high surrounding OneSafe, who just recently announced their name change from OneSafeBox, an innovative cloud privacy and security tool designed to remove some of the risks from using the Cloud. Now accepting user opt-ins to get notified when the coming Beta2 is released. OneSafe may be poised to change the way people look at the Cloud storage.


Redmond, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2015 --There's no doubt the Cloud has been an amazing development that has opened doors, created opportunities and very much redefined the internet experience. But it hasn't been one without difficulties, chiefly well-known privacy and security concerns. Stepping up to offer a smart solution to these concerns has been OneSafe, who recently announced the change of their name from OneSafeBox, a Cloud privacy and integration tool that can work with popular Cloud storage options like Dropbox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive. The company recently began accepting user opt-ins on their mailing list to be notified when the coming Beta2 of OneSafe is released.

"We're very happy to be providing a much-needed tool to make the Cloud more safe and secure," commented by Sunny Wu from OneSafe. "Our Beta2 is a great opportunity to explore OneSafe, and we have every confidence our users are going to find it very valuable."

According to the company, OneSafe is and will remain a free tool for users, increasing its appeal even further. Offering end to end encryption, military grade protection and blended encryption pieces, OneSafe is right on the cutting edge of technology. Using the tool is easy to understand and very simple to apply.

Beta users have praised the Cloud privacy tool enthusiastically.

"To me, privacy is a concern of using cloud storage. With OneSafe, I'm pretty happy to enjoy all the convenience of cloud and sleep well knowing my information is private and safe.", said Russell Johnson, a professor of South Seattle College.

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