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Professional and Licensed Counselor Offers Online Telephone Counseling


Tulsa, OK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/14/2014 --An experienced and licensed professional counselor, Deborah Farber, provides online telephone counseling for people who search for such services. Some of her specialties include coping with infidelity, abusive relationships, family therapy, marriage counseling, breaking up and divorce, stress and anxiety, substance abuse, anger management, etc.

Some people do not realize they need a professional advice until their situation get worse and they either feel obsession, constant worry, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, nausea, etc. or go through broken relationships and divorce. Others need to find help and to learn how to manage their anger or how to stay away from the substances.

With Deborah Farber, clients feel safe to share their troubles and feelings, release their bitterness and anger and start rebuilding their self-confidence. Troubled marriages get the chance to start improving their broken relationships, as well as the mental and physical wellbeing of all the family members. The professional counselor knows how to lead these relationships into a strong, happy and healthy bond.

Being a relatively new service of therapy, online telephone counseling has recently become more and more popular because of the many advantages it offers. The advance of modern technology allows online counseling to expand from basic therapeutic communication via emails to telephone sessions via PC or video web-cam session.

Some of the multiple benefits of searching for online telephone professional counselor are:

- It is much more convenient way to make sessions as compared to visiting the counselor’s office. Deborah Farber uses the advancement in technology and offers online counseling to her clients that can be at the most continent for them place during the sessions or to be in the comfort of their home when they feel relaxed and secure.
- Generally online counseling services are much less expensive compared to those in traditional face-to-face counseling.
- In addition, the factor of anonymity plays a huge role in online telephone counseling, which makes clients willing to be more forthcoming, as they are not scrutinized and observed like in traditional counseling.
- Online counseling is a perfect way of therapy for people who are shy and have different transportation limitations or social anxieties. These individuals usually feel more comfortable in taking online counseling sessions.
- Many people cannot express themselves well in person, but do that efficiently in writing. Online consulting with Deborah Farber provides these people with the great opportunity to share and discuss their problems and to find a professional help.
- When the online counseling is leading by emails, clients can re-read advices and recommendations again and again, whenever they need even months after the sessions.

People, who are interested in online counseling with a licensed professional counselor, may visit Deborah Farber’s website at

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Deborah Farber is a licensed professional counselor from Oklahoma with more than 15 years of practice. She has helped hundreds of people, who are coming through difficult period in their life. Apart from the online counseling, she also offers 'In Person' counseling in Tulsa, Oklahoma.