Online Game May Make Its Players Rich and Famous as They Play It


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2017 --"The Life Changing Money Challenge" online game, also known as "The Game That May Make You Rich And Famous" is an educational game that is not only entertaining, but also provides lots of insights of the wealth principles practised by the rich, as the players play it. The creator is now raising funds to complete Phase 2 of its development at   
The game's creator, Sen Ze, who is a qualified non-practising "Barrister-at-Law" from Lincoln's Inn UK and author of books on entrepreneurship, said there are 2 Phases to it, with Phase 1 and a part of Phase 2 already programmed. "Phase 1 enables you to earn 'play money' by doing certain tasks correctly, which you then accumulate over time," he said. "Phase 2 then allows you to 'invest' the play money you've earned in Phase 1, into the various assets or liabilities set up for you to consider investing in them." 
Sen Ze said that the game mimics real-life conditions and markets, and that the complete Phase 2 includes items like real estate, businesses, stocks and more. "You'll be able to know whether you've bought assets or liabilities within hours or days," he said. "This is great as you're learning wealth creation principles quickly without risking your own money in expensive assets or liabilities in the real world. You'll also remember the lessons better compared to reading them in a book, or taking notes in a lecture or seminar."
Sen Ze added that players all over the world will also be interacting with each other instantaneously as they play the game on their smartphones wherever they may be, as some of the games cannot be played alone. "Some items require more money than you have earned, or a strategy requires more than 1 player to pull off properly," he said. "By teaming up this way, you're also learning wealth strategies from and with the other players, while making new friends and valuable contacts in the process. This is another lesson of the rich that you'll be putting into practice during the gameplay itself."
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