Online Learning with a Social Twist, Learnquiq.com Launches to Give Teachers Income and Students Knowledge

Inspired by social networks, Learnquiq.com helps students ‘quickly learn’ via an education-related Twitter-like experience. Already providing over 75 courses on a wide variety of subjects, the newly launched e-learning site brings education to the collective forefront.


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2015 --It's free to access and free to teach. How did education get so simple? Launched in May with an innovative approach, Learnquiq.com combines social networking with online learning. Quite literally becoming an 'information super highway' the new platform already offers over 75 self-paced courses and an education-based newsfeed. Illuminating students on everything from self-improvement to technology one could ask, what's in it for the teachers? Answer being, a commission-based payout structure and the satisfaction of working with students hungry to learn.

Approachable in every way, the e-learning site allows teachers to create as many course topics as they choose. In fact, the more the better. When they support each course with video and audio lessons, written content, and quizzes word of mouth spreads via a live newsfeed. Using social networking as a foundation all course updates, pricing, ratings, and comments are shared with everyone on the platform. Interest is then piqued thereby providing compelling marketing for each course. Adding to the marketing potential, Learnquiq has a proprietary algorithm that allows students to rate their teachers. When ratings are favorable commissions increase.

Anders Fung, founder of Learnquiq.com said of how anyone can earn an income teaching, "Experts can freely teach on any topics they choose and charge their own fees. They're the master of their own small business. Our marketing is like a learning-related Twitter feed and their payouts grow as their popularity increases. They can put their courses on sale, share coupon codes, offer courses for free or at a price. It's all there on the feed for everyone to see. It's a win/win."

Depending on content and ratings teachers earn 55% to 75% of the price of the course sold with zero platform fees. Fung adds, "Our learning marketplace is naturally self-regulating. Teachers are rewarded for continually producing quality educational content and learners benefit from gaining practical skills from someone who is active in the learning community with a proven track record."

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About Learnquiq.com
Learnquiq.com is an online learning community founded in May of 2015 by Anders Fung. Fung has developed and deployed learning platforms for internationally renowned banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse. Learnquiq membership is free for both students and teachers.

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