Online Mapping: Pharmaceutical Companies' Key to Achieve Market Effectiveness

Pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges especially with market effectiveness. Using online mapping helps them convert data into actionable knowledge that can be used to their advantage.


Naperville, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2013 --Pharmaceutical industry is complex more than ever. It needs to accurately identify its true target clients and the buying criteria. Pharma companies also needs to figure out the best ways to get messages out to more prospects. Traditional methods may not produce much-needed results. Thus, industry leaders require new tools to use to read the market correctly and develop the right responses to it. One significant instrument that they use is online mapping. It is a mapping solutions provider that makes data analysis easier as the users create a map. This method is simpler but more appropriate to achieve market effectiveness faster.

How Mapping Helps Pharmaceutical Industry Face New Challenges

Having the right information is a competitive advantage in pharmaceutical industry. More than that, enabling the pharma companies to easily convert data into actionable knowledge is tantamount to success. online mapping provides tools that can be used to attain market effectiveness.

Define and reach target audiences

Pharma companies faces a huge challenge of wiggling through global opportunity. To be able to understand the needs of emerging market, they can use online mapping.’s feature of adding territory boundaries would help them to increase the level of their data analysis for international boundaries. With this new information, they can better reposition their stand on proprietary drugs for over the counter sales, achieve detailed analysis of multiple channels and interacting factors, and many other great benefits.

Select targets

If only pharma companies can strike the right balance of expanding into emerging regions while holding onto local geographic markets, they can achieve market effectiveness in half the time. allows them to create a map and use different territory boundaries - internationally and locally. They can use territories by countries, provinces, state, counties or zip codes.

Recognize power players and influencers

Successful pharma companies recognizes the degree of influence in developing marketing strategies. Hence, in just a click, allows its users to share their maps to team players. They can attain timely insights when this feature is used.

Send right messages in the right ways

Pharma companies need to work on new methods to help them pay diligent attention to evolving trends. Thus, allows them to embed the maps on their websites to help them sort through market events for the changing trends in the health care market.

Develop marketing channels and touch points

Every single drug needs to address diverse audience. This demands that pharma marketing executives rationalize different factors. To understand each factor, they can use’s heatmapping feature. When they create a map by percentile, they can further understand their market thereby readily combat challenges with timely solutions. Heatmapping allows them to understand and find the right level of promotional investment across all channels, reach out to more physicians, increase message effectiveness, identify stakeholders and the roles they play on each market, assess market size and penetration opportunities for new drugs that target smaller populations, finding the right pharma marketing channels to reach new market, and many more.

Pharma companies not only compete with each other but also with the global field that is constantly changing. But as long as they have online mapping, they can achieve market effectiveness.